'Big Brother 18': Eighth Juror Talks His Showmance With Nicole, Blasts "Cocky" Victor

THR finds out what the future of Corey and Nicole will be.

It's no longer happy holidays for the Christmas-loving Corey.

The second-to-last eviction of Big Brother season 18 split up the last showmance left in the game. With their time together in the Big Brother house ending, is that the last super fans will see of "Nicorey"? Will they last outside of the game?

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the college baseball player to find out. 

You never seemed too worried in the game and kept calm under pressure. How did you remain so calm while handling the high stakes of Big Brother?

I have been in a lot of very stressful situations with college sports. I live to be in high pressure situations. I love the rush. I love winning under harsh circumstances. I tend to stay pretty calm and collected in those situations. I’m a very confident person and that is probably why I was able to.

Before you entered the game, you didn’t know who Rachel Reilly was. Did you get to learn about her in the Big Brother house or are you still not familiar with her?

I have heard the name but I didn’t know exactly who she was. A lot of people in the house didn’t know, but we quickly learned that she is a Big Brother legend.

You won the last care package. Why do you think you won one over Paul and Victor?

I don’t know. Maybe because of my personality of being humble and playing a very loyal game. I was a likeable person and I didn’t go around stabbing everybody. That was after Vic stabbed me and he is cocky. Paul on the other hand, he said some pretty controversial things in my opinion. I think you either hate Paul or love him.

What was the strongest relationship in the house? Your showmance with Nicole, the showmance between James and Natalie or the bromance between Paul and Victor?

Me and Nicole. Paul and Victor – they would butt heads sometimes. Paul was even pushing to get Victor out when he came back for the second time. Nicole never bad mouthed me or wanted me out. She always stuck by my side. She was a very good ride or die to have and we went the furthest.

At what moment in the house did you really realize you were playing Big Brother?

On the coconut comp when me Nicole, Glenn and Tiffany had to battle it out for who was going to be staying and it came down to me and Glenn. That was freaky when I realized I could actually go home. 

Why do you think you were voted out over Nicole?

James thinks that he has a chance to win the $500,000 over Nicole if he is up against her in the final two. I think he knows that I would beat him if we were at the end.

What do you love more: Christmas or Nicole?

Nicole by a long shot. I love Christmas, but Nicole all day.

What was the biggest move you made in the game? Why?

Honestly, day two when I threw Nicole the first HOH. All the new players wanted me to get HOH and get the vets out. I was like, nope. I threw it to Nicole and she can get new people out. Everyone in the house was super ticked off and I had to play damage control. It was the most risky move but the most beneficial in my opinion.

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