'Big Brother 18': Da'Vonne Rogers Gets New Nickname in "BB Comics" Poster (Exclusive)

Big Brother Da'Vonne Split -H 2016
Courtesy of CBS

The "BB Comics" are back for Big Brother season 18.

While this season of the reality series has brought a slew of new competitions, it wouldn't be Big Brother without some of the fan favorite viewers have come to know and love. Artists Sergio Cariello and Brad Vancata are back to spoof this season's cast as superheroes.

On the live feeds, one houseguest in particular was not a fan of his comic. Corey grew upset after the power of veto competition because, while every other cast mates' comic featured just them, his included his showmance partner Nicole.

Who will most likely be a fan of theirs? Momma Day, or as she is now known in her comic, Day-Struction. According to the tagline for the comic, "a radioactive accident turned Momma Day into Day-Struction."

Does the title fit? It might since she's not the best at playing Big Brother, but she sure knows how to stir up drama, entertainment and give some of the best diary room sessions the show has ever seen. See her comic below:

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Big Brother airs Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS.