'Big Brother 18': Who Has the Round-Trip Ticket?

Another fan favorite sits on the chopping block.

"You tend to find out quickly who your friends really are," Big Brother host Julie Chen says about Da'Vonne being nominated by who she considered one of her closest allies, your boy, Paul.

Last week, Da'Vonne targeted Bridgette's "dude" and best friend in the game, Frank Eudy, which ended up sealing the fan favorite's fate with him walking out the door. This week Da'Vonne and Bridgette sat next to each other on the nomination block, and although Day was able to get Frank tossed out of the game she realizes that once on the block she can't feel too comfortable. So did she go home? We'll fill you in, but first, here are the top moments from this season's sixth live eviction.  

"He's really just his mamma's boy." "I miss my mom's cooking. I miss pissing my mom off!" Paul says about missing his mom. Are you surprised that the bearded rocker who's covered in tattoos is not afraid to shed a few tears? "When I hear him say your boy I feel like he's saying it to me," Paul's dad says about his son. "Paul volunteers a lot. He loves animals. Deep inside his heart is gold," adds Paul's mother about her caring son. As for Paul's family's take on Paulie becoming a single white male, copying everything your boy does? "As they say, twinsies!" Paul's mom says about Paulie and Paul. They could even make it to the final two if Paul's dad is calling the shots, "I think P and P will be all the way to the end."

What you got brewing? "I don't need any surprises, it's not my birthday," Paul lies to Mamma Day that he does not see a scenario where the Inglewood native walks out of the house. "What you got brewing?" she says about her suspicions of a plan to get her evicted. And she's obviously right. "It's basically who's going to get who out first," Nicole says about wanting Da'Vonne out. Remember you two were friends? Remember the returning players are outnumbered still?  Also do you remember when you got backstabbed in season 16? Just remember your season 16 nemesis got booed after backstabbing you. And after your mission to take out the Mamma of the house you could hear similar boos. But it's not over until it's over. "I like Da'Vonne a lot," James says about wanting to keep his season 17 castmate. "A personal move would be to try to save her and be a hero." So does the self-proclaimed Asian hillbilly save Da'Vonne? Keep reading. 

She snitched! "I told him they're going to take him out in the double," Da'Vonne tells the Chenbot what she told Victor after she got evicted. As for the not-so-surprising blindside? She adds, "I knew it. You can sense it throughout the week." After being nominated, Da'Vonne kept her cool as best as she could. But that doesn't mean she wasn't emotional throughout the season. "Some of that was me acting!" Da'Vonne says about using tears as strategy in the game. Not so lucky for her the tears didn't work like they did for season 17's professional poker player, Vanessa Rousso, who landed a spot in the final three. And wait, the waterworks don't stop for Mamma Day after she watches her fellow houseguests' goodbye messages. "Zakiyah! I love that girl," she tells Julie why she's crying. 

Who has the round-trip ticket? "I grabbed the wrong card Julie!" this season's first jury member, Da'Vonne says after Chen reveals she does not have the one round-trip ticket to get back in the game this season. So then who does? With Frank and Da'Vonne booted from the game without the golden ticket it could really be anyone's. And maybe all will be revealed at next week's double eviction ...

Who do you want to have the round-trip ticket? Is Victor going to listen to Da'Vonne? Who do you want to see go home in the double eviction next week? Battle about it in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother.