'Big Brother 18': Runner Up Discusses What Went Wrong and the "Bitter" Jury

Paul Abrahamian plays the final HOH competition -Big Brother season 18 live finale -H 2016
Sonja Flemming/CBS

It was a surprising twist on finale night.

While most superfans of Big Brother thought the bearded, friendship-loving Paul Abrahamian would win the game, Nicole Franzel was crowned the winner instead.

In fact, eight former jurors Janelle Pierzina, Brendon Villegas, Rachel Reilly, Johnny Mac, Meg Maley, Britney Haynes, Matt Hoffman and Judd Daugherty said they would vote for the tattooed newbie to win the game. 

So, what went wrong? The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the season 18 runner up about the "bitter" jury, his "sociopathic" cast and much more.

Why didn't you win? What do you think happened?

Honestly, I'm a little bit of an asshole and the jury is definitely bitter about it. There's nothing more I could have done.

They had the argument about the way you played personally, but what did you do specifically to get that reaction from them?

I don't know! I call people out on their bullshit! And I guess I ruined a lot of people's games. They were pissed. 

Should you have taken James over Nicole?

No, I think it would have been the same. It was a bitter jury. If anything, it would have been worse because I think he would have had all of the chicks and I just think the jury was bitter no matter what. I'd rather play this game as an asshole and win $50,000 than change my ways and be a sissy. F— me, I don't know. They're a bunch of prudes, man! A bunch of prudes!

What are you going to do with the $50,000?

Honestly dude, I'm a creator, I write music, I make clothes, so I'm going to invest in my own creations. Hopefully people give a shit enough to see that it's worth it.

What was your favorite part about being in the house?

It was fun, man! It was crazy. I like the confrontation. I like the madness. I live for that shit. It was a rush and I got a rush! I came in for a rush, I got a rush and I'm coming out with 50 grand, I'll take it.

You lost to Nicole. Do you think you deserved to win over her?

Nicole definitely deserved it, she tried hard, but my argument is I was a f—ing newbie and you're a vet, you had a second chance. This is my first chance. I gave you a run for your money. I won more comps than you. I did more than you. But I guess I pissed off the jury a little bit too much. 

You have more than 6 million people on Twitter that hate you.

That's amazing!

I'm joking. You have a lot of fans.

Do I really? Seriously? Like no bullshit?

You and Victor have a lot of fans. Even alumni supported you. I did a mock jury where former jurors picked the winner. And eight out of nine of them picked you.

That's what's up! Dude, I'm telling you it was a bitter jury. My game was f—ing solid. I had the social aspect. I was an underdog. I won most competitions in the house. I solved riddles. What more did you want me to do? Clearly it's the jury's fault, not mine!

What was with friendship?

Bro, I don't know. Friendship, man. It was friendship!

Did it come to you in the house?

No, I had friendship all along, bud! And I told all of my friends, "I'm going to make all of goddamn America say 'friendship.'"

Who doesn't have friendship with you?

Michelle. It'll probably change. I honestly think everybody is a bunch of limp-dick f—s. Natalie is super shitty. A pro and con for everyone? No pros. Victor is cool. Glenn is tight. Everybody is sociopathic. Everybody is socially and mentally unstable. They cry about shit, they're a bunch of children. Everybody is immature. 

You cried a bunch too.

Fool calls me a bitch! Yeah I did. This show brought out emotions in me that i didn't even know existed. It was euphoria. I felt euphoria in this house, which is strange because it's a game show inside a crazy house, but it brought out emotions in me that I've never seen before. That's rad

Do you regret what you said to Meech?

No, I would say it again! That's who I am. It was the heat of the moment. I guess people don't know what it's like to live with certain people. But when you poke at a dog enough, it's going to bite! And that's exactly what happened. I said that I wasn't going to change myself to play this game and I didn't. If I changed myself and won 500 grand, I would feel like a loser because I wasn't myself. I take second place and be true to myself any day of the week. Everyone hated confrontation except for your boy. I loved it. I'll party with Evel Dick [Donato]!

Whose vote were you the most surprised by?

I was surprised by Day's vote. She's like my big sister. If anything I thought she was rooting for me, but I guess not. I was a little surprised by Natalie's vote, but I did shit on her so I wasn't so surprised. F— everybody.

What did you think about your final speech versus Nicole's?

It was exponentially better. Hands down! Your boy speaks! I'm a speech man. Speeches are my bread and butter. I put a lot of heart into it. I got my point across clearly. There's nothing more I could have said. 

America is going to vote for either Jason Roy or Jozea Flores to be on Big Brother: Over the Top. Who has your vote?

Who the f— is Jason? F— Jason! Put Jozea on there! That motherf—er is really over the top! Jozea will win. Jozea is crazy, put him on it! 

Were you surprised Paul didn't win the game? Was the jury really bitter? Does Jozea or Jason have your vote for Big Brother OTT? Sound off in the comments section below.