'Big Brother 18': An Evicted Houseguest Gets a Return Flight Back to the Game

THR highlights the top moments from season 18's first live eviction.

With the first live eviction of Big Brother season 18 arriving on Thursday night, that means one unlucky houseguest is departing. But they might be getting a return flight back into the house, according to host Julie Chen. 

"Both of their games are far from over," Chen tells the audience about the season's second evictee and self-proclaimed messiah Jozea Flores, as well as the first houseguest to get the boot before even getting a chance to play the game, Glenn Garcia. So what does their return flight back look like? Will America vote them back in? Will there be some turbulence in order for them to get back in the game?

Keep reading as THR highlights the most twisted moments from the season's first live eviction. 

That's hot. Yes, Paris Hilton's most famous quote was used right before another all-girl alliance was formed. The "Fatal Five" includes Nicole, Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Tiffany and Michelle. The smartest one in the bunch seems to be Zakiyah who points out, "Usually girls' alliances never work," never mind, she thinks this one will. Da'Vonne and Nicole will be loyal to James and Frank and not this alliance they have created to cover their bases. But you never know, "I may have to get down and dirty with Paulie," Zakiyah says. That could be a game changer! Just kidding.

The pranks won't win the game. They definitely didn't help James win $500,000 last season either. As much as everyone rooted for James in season 17 and he was voted "America's Favorite Houseguest," he still did not win the game. With his pranks returning to the game, not only is it getting boring but this time around not everyone thinks he is so funny. "It was so hot," James tells Natalie about her rubbing mayonnaise on her instead of lotion due to his mischief. The former pro cheerleader was a good sport, but not everyone else is. After James kicks out Paul for entering his "girl time," drama unfolds. "James is pushing all the wrong buttons. Last time I checked you're not a female," the bearded boy from Los Angeles says about the prankster from Texas. After a heated argument occurs between Paul, Victor and Bronte it looks like James is on all of their radars. 

Victor hates macaroni and cheese. We know who will not be voted "America's Favorite Houseguest" this year. The gym manager, Victor, shames Natalie for eating mac and cheese and pizza. "Cut that shit out," he says while pointing at her stomach. Victor, it looks like you'll have to cut that shit out or else you'll be viewed as a bully and booed upon your eviction. That's right. Did you hear that? The first boos of the summer were heard at the live eviction. 

Jozea has nothing left to say. Chen pointed out that Jozea was not saying anything after his eviction, although talking up a shit story in the first 16 days. And he's clueless too. He thinks Natalie was the one to turn against him. She voted for you to stay, pal! "Some people in the house are very weak-minded," says the "celebrity" make-up artist, Jozea. He didn't come on the show to win, either, he came on the show to be a motivational speaker, he says, "A motivational speaking movement. When people have a leader and see someone so powerful they take interest to that." Maybe they'll follow his lead if he re-enters the game. "Come on girl," Jozea tells Chen after she tells him about the "Battle Back" twist. The twist will see Jozea face off against Glenn in order to move on to the next round and face the next evicted houseguest. The first five evicted houseguests will be included in this twist and the winner of the last round will be revealed on a special episode Friday, July 22. But before audiences have to wait that long, can we point out one thing? See below. 

Way too many hugs. After Jozea was evicted, it was silent in the Big Brother house. While fans expected him to blow up after the blindside, they were disappointed. He hugged every houseguest left in the game. No yelling. No fighting. No calling each other out Gina Marie style. What did fans get instead? Just hugs. Lots of hugs.

Were there way too many hugs? What do you think of the "Battle Back" twist? Will Glenn beat Jozea? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned for all things Big Brother.