'Big Brother 18': A Fan Favorite's Fate Is Sealed

Big Brother Fifth Eviction Split H 2016

"With the clock ticking can the house unlock it?" host Julie Chen said about Big Brother 18's new secret room twist. On Thursday night's live eviction a fan favorite is at risk of being voted out the door, and a new twist enters the game.

To fill you in on what you missed, The Hollywood Reporter breaks down the most twisted moments from this season's fifth live eviction.  

No hugs needed. "No hugs needed," Frank tells James after the power of veto isn't used on either him or Bridgette.  "I don't have a lot of friends who are true friends in my life. People in the house don't seem to like me for me, but Frank does," a teary-eyed Bridgette says in the diary room about her friendship with Frank. And who's the most jealous of their friendship? Michelle. "I'm already regretting not saving Frank" Michelle says about her fears of Bridgette potentially nominating her down the line. She admits she's jealous of Bridgette and Frank's relationship, and then come the waterworks as Michelle realizes she is saying goodbye to one of her favorite players to ever play the game.  "He is the damn devil in season 18," Da'Vonne says about Michelle being a superfan of the season 14 underdog. 

When one door opens. "There just has to be another bread crumb on the trail," Frank says after searching for clues around the house. The show tossed the houseguests their first clue on the memory wall and then ignited all of them to scramble. Who was the best scrambler? The self proclaimed master of puzzles, your boy, Paul. "There's literally a secret destination at my feet," the bearded bro says after figuring out this season's newest twist. "Your boy is going to be the first one in there." And he is. So what's in there? Well, it's a round-trip ticket back into the game. The trick is that although there are 12 cards in the room, only one has the golden ticket. So it's luck of the draw. "I'll take slim odds over no odds," Frank says about his chances of holding the lucky round-trip ticket. As for Mamma Day? She's not too pleased, "My life was a lot easier without Paris."

What do Hayden, Boogie, Meg and Jason all have in common? Besides losing, they all have their closest allies playing the game again this season.  "I had nobody but Jason," Da'Vonne tells the houseguests before the east coast fan favorite's interview hits the screen. "My life has not changed at all. I'm still broke," Jason quips. Adding, "Da'Vonne is a good player. As long as Da'Vonne can stay a few more weeks, she's going to be in a good spot." As for James' nomance and best friend in the house he says, "I had a really good friend, Meg." And although they "texted all the time," there was no love between the two. "We were always friends, solely friends. He'll always have a special place in my heart," Meg says. "You're always in a relationship right?" Victor points out to Nicole before her ex-beau pops on the screen, shorter hair and all. "It was a very serious relationship," says Hayden. "It is absolutely weird watching Nicole on the showmance action, but I'm all for it. Do what makes you happy." And who could forget Frank's ride or die ally from season 14, Mike Boogie. Although friends, the show's mastermind is honest about how his homeboy is playing the game, "Frank is playing a horrible game!" 

The fan favorite's fate. So is Mike Boogie right and did Frank's horrible game come to an end? "Hope to never see you again," Frank tells the other houseguests during his eviction speech. He may have spoken too soon because after he opened his envelope on stage with Julie, his fate was sealed. No return ticket for Frank the tank. "You're taking a one way trip home tonight," Chen tells him. And then she points out his poor game play, "You could not keep a secret!" "I was born with a big mouth, Julie!" he jokes back. And although Frank's game is over, he still is in the running for "America's Favorite Houseguest." And that leaves us with our next twist.

America's Care Package. Julie introduces this season's America's vote. No, thankfully we won't see Frankie Grande put on another play. There won't be a saboteur. And there will not be an "America's Player." What the care package will do is that in the next five weeks America can vote for a houseguest to receive an advantage in the game. Superfans can vote here. But be careful who you vote for as each houseguest voted can only receive one of the packages. And here we go. . .

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