'Big Brother 18': First Evictee Gets Surprise Advice From Former Houseguest

DO NOT USE BB18 First Eviction H 2016

Now that the first eviction of Big Brother 18 has happened, the veterans can stop worrying about the numbers on their side. Not only did a newbie leave the house before the game really started, but a veteran is now in power and targeting newbies

The first eviction of the summer cleared the path to $500,000 for the veterans who are now home sweet home. Who was it not ideal for? Well, the man who got evicted! Fifty-year-old Glenn Garcia, the oldest houseguest this season, barely got to play the game and was the first sent packing. The dog groomer from the Bronx entered the game to fight for his daughter. 

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with last season's first evictee, Jace Agolli A.K.A Nikola Poe of The Fleet Music, to give some advice to Garcia: "Nobody ever seems to take the first evictee seriously. Often times, the players that get evicted first are the ones that could have gone the farthest." Adding while although some houseguests felt sympathetic for Garcia's early departure he didn't get the same love, "I think they were just ready to have me gone. Glenn didn't even get a shot. I don't think Big Brother and fair can be together in the same sentence." And heads up Glenn, you won't get over the nightmare of being the first evictee, "It's been almost 365 days since my eviction and I still haven't gotten over it. Tears of anger and pain were definitely shed. Glenn was blessed with an incredible opportunity. It's unfortunate it didn't work out as planned, but nothing really does in this life anyway. Stay up and stay positive brother!" 

THR also spoke with Garcia about what went wrong, what he would have done differently and which houseguests to watch out for.

If you stayed in the game and were head of household, who would you have nominated? Why?

I would have nominated Frank and James because I feel they had more knowledge from having done it before. I would want to get them out to make it more of an even playing field for the newbies and get out the veterans. 

Which veteran is the biggest threat? Why? 

Nicole, because she is smart, she can be athletic, but she is not a threat. If you look at her you do not think she is a physical threat, but she is a gamer. If she was not on my team, I would have gone after her right away. She weighs nothing so every challenge is easier for her. I remember looking at her Island and it barely even moved.

Who was your favorite veteran and least favorite veteran from meeting them? Why?

Least favorite [was] maybe James because he came off always as the funny, quirky guy but when I was with him he came off as the opposite. Favorite maybe [was] Momma Day because I had great conversation with her. Frank too. They were both on the same level.

Had you stayed, who are three people you would have aligned with? Why?

I had so many angles working that this is a hard question. My next goal was to see which way I was going because I had many opportunities lined up. I don’t even think I can answer that because I had all my ducks lined up in a row and I just had to start picking. Many people were inquiring with me. I just needed to be there for more time so I could start to get to know people and see how they interact with others.

You’re the oldest houseguest this season and you were so close to beating a college baseball player. How does that feel?

Feels fantastic, but I didn’t want to show that 'till later. That was part of my strategy.

Are you sad to see Glenn go? Is Nicole the best veteran in the house? Do you miss watching Jace from last season? Who will be the second evicted houseguest? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother