'Big Brother 18': Second Evicted Houseguest Defends "Messiah" Title, Tackles Alum Comparisons

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Bill Inoshita/CBS

The self-proclaimed Big Brother messiah has left the game  for now. Jozea Flores will get a chance to get back into the house with the new "Battle Back" competition.

But first, he has to face off against this season's oldest houseguest, Glenn Garcia. Will he be able to defeat the dog groomer from the Bronx, NY? How does Jozea and his ego think he compares to former players? And is he really the messiah? Due to the "Battle Back" twist, the evicted houseguests will only be permitted to answer questions via email.

This is what the celebrity make-up artist had to tell The Hollywood Reporter: 

How do you think you will do facing off against Glenn in the “Battle Back” competition?

I think he’s a very good competitor, one of a kind. And I think it will be a nice and interesting battle. But at the end of everything, we will remain friends and the loyalty is strong.

Do you really think you’re the Big Brother messiah? Can you explain?

(Laughs.) The Big Brother messiah started off as a joke, and then the joke started to become reality. When you kind of have a movement and can motivate others, and you can move people’s souls and help them see the danger that’s in front of them, and offer safety. Be honest, truthful, and never lie. That’s what being the “messiah” means to me.

Who will you align with if you get back in the game? 

My strongest and loving friends: Bronte, Paul and Victor. And mind you, that’s my bromance: Victor. He’s literally like my big brother. 

How do you think you rank as a Big Brother player compared to players who have played before you? 

Out of a scale of 1-10, I’m a 9. I’m not a 10 because I haven’t won… yet. And that’s the only reason!!!

What was your greatest strength in the Big Brother house? What was your greatest weakness? 

My greatest strength, as I always have said in the Big Brother house, is my honesty and loyalty to others who are loyal to me. My weakness is also my honesty, and my boldness. Sometimes people just can’t take the fire.

Do you want to see Jozea play again? Are you rooting for Glenn to beat him? Who will be the third evicted houseguest? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother