'Big Brother 18': Which Juror Will Return to the Game?

Big Brother Jury 4 Split -H 2016
Courtesy of CBS

"Whoever is shown the door might not be heading to the jury house," Julie Chen tells America about Victor and Corey's fate in Big Brother 18.

That's right, the returning juror twist is back. Either Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette, Paulie or this season's fifth juror will get back in the game. And who's this season's fifth juror? Let's get to that later. 

But first, The Hollywood Reporter breaks down Thursday night's most twisted moments. 

Paul's paranoia plan. "I don't like the way James and Nat are talking." "Dude's mega paranoid, stop," Victor tells him." "I wonder how the conversation will change if we pop in. Sacks of shit," Paul calls them. After Paul rightfully grows paranoid that Victor is no longer safe, he stirs his own plan to get the other houseguests paranoid. He and Victor team up to create a fake feud between the bromance in order to get the house on board with keeping Victor. And that's not all. Paul makes sure to buddy up with this season's snooze of a showmance, Corey and Nicole. When the other houseguests see the bearded bro spending too much time with the cuddling couple, they start to get worried that keeping Victor is the better option. But it all came down to one houseguest's vote. And that's the self-proclaimed Asian hillbilly, James. Did he disappoint? Absolutely. Instead of making a big move by splitting up the other showmance in the house he decided to vote to evict Victor. Is he still a fan favorite? Well, that's up to superfans everywhere to decide. But according to Twitter during Thursday night's eviction, the answer is no. 

Paulie needs some pepper. "He's a sleazy scumbag and has lost my respect forever," a ballsy Bridgette says about anticipating the arrival of the crying Calafiore in the jury house. And she, Zakiyah and Da'Vonne get their wish. "Praise god!" Mamma Day screams. "I make a lot of people's day," Paulie says after Bridgette tells him he made hers. "I said it was the season of petty and catty women," an annoyed Paulie tells them. "You still got a short man's complex," Day fires back. "Somebody need to give him some pepper to go with all that salt," she adds about a seemingly uncomfortable and bitter Paulie. "I can see sore losers when I meet them," Paulie tells the female-filled jury. "Person-to-person you completely lost all my respect," Bridgette tells him. "Being a feminist means I stand up for women. I'm not against men at all. I'm against him," she explains. "You made some horrible comments Paulie," Bridgette says again, pointing out that Paulie called out "his entire state of women" by saying how much he detests "Jersey girls." "I see where the bitch is, I see where the loser is, he's here. You're still a bitch," Paulie's former showmanceZakiyah, tells him. 

Twist and shout. "We got a package from Big Brother!" shouts Mamma Day. "This Thursday one juror will be returning!" Day reads to the other three jurors. "I'm getting my check!" she shouts. In a summer with twist after twist it may be fair to deem this season as the most twisted of the entire series. And it's a Big Brother first, with one houseguest getting not one, not two, but three chances to win the $500,000 prize. "You have an unprecedented second, second chance," Chen tells an excited Victor after his eviction. But will he win his shot back in the game? Not according to the overly confident Paulie, "I want to succeed more than I want to breathe," he says about his chance to get back in the game. Day reminds him to be humble after he claims he's going to not only return to the game, but also bring his suitcase right up to the head of household room. 

Is James still a fan favorite? Which juror do you want to see get back in the game? Before a juror comes back, who has the best shot at winning the game? Vote now in THR's poll and make sure to stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother