'Big Brother 18': Former Runner-Ups Talk Biggest Regrets, Give Advice to New Cast

THR tracked down four past contestants to shed some wisdom on the competition before the new crop enters sequester.
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In the game of Big Brother, there are two players who walk out of the house with more than just an empty wallet. The winner of the game scores the $500,000 prize and the houseguest who sits next to them on finale night is awarded $50,000. Who signs their check? The jury members cast their votes to seal each player's fate.

Imagine making it to the final two — lasting over 90 days secluded from the real world, eating slop, sleeping on dentist chairs, being surrounded by constant crying — and not winning the grand prize. For former runner-ups Liz Nolan (Season 17), Cody Calafiore (Season 16), Lane Elenburg (Season 12) and Daniele Donato (Seasons 8 and 13), the haunt of the second-place finish is all too familiar.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the past contestants just before the newest batch of houseguests get flown out to Los Angeles and put into sequester. As a way for the runner-ups to right their wrongs, the four share some advice, especially how one wrong move in the game can seal a competitor's fate. "People hopefully want to hear from us," jokes Nolan. "I would not want to hear from freaking Gina Marie (laughs). I'm so scared of your questions. I'll never forget in our first BB interview your questions were the f—ing hardest. Bring it on."

Let the games begin. 

How do you advise the new cast to start their game on night one?

Donato: One of the biggest problems people have in the house is starting the game. You need to get to know everybody rather than figuring out your next move. There are always those overly abrasive people. Do you know who it is? It's the person that comes in when they sit down in a circle and introduce themselves, it's always the person that's in charge of that, who says, "You next, you next, I'll go first." That's always the person who gets nominated first, so don't do that! 

Calafiore: It's very overwhelming. You have 15 new people you've never met before in your life and everybody is super, super friendly, but at the end of the day, you know all those people are going to try and get you out. There's a lot of excitement, but in the back of your head, you know that now you're in the house the game has officially started. Try to make connections, but as far as strategizing, you're going to immediately put a target on your back. If you overplay on the first night, everybody catches wind of it. If you don't want to win the first competition, don't be one of the first ones out either. If you're a guy don't be one of the first guys and if you're a girl don't be one of the first girls. If that happens, the nominations could be the first guy and the first girl. The house is looking for a reason for people to be nominated and in that first week the house comes up with the nominations. Don't give the house a reason for you to go on the block. 

Elenburg: Really read people. Try and become friends with as many people as you can and get a sense of who they are and see if you can team up with them in the future. 

Nolan: It was obviously different for me because I had a twin, but lay low. Not in the sense where you don't have a personality like Johnny Mac, don't do that, but you want to be all smiles, ask questions you want to get to know everyone. With Jace [Agolli] he came off as annoying. You want to come off as chill and not intimidating because they're going to point out the people who look intimidating or pick an easy target that's annoying them. In the first week everyone was making all these different alliances and staying up super late at night. They were known as the outsiders. It was people like Audrey [Middleton] that would start all these rumors and make alliances with everyone. For me, I waited till the second week to start talking about alliances. You don't want to stretch yourself too thin. Be nice. Smile a lot. Clean the house in the first week and make some good food. Clay [Honeycutt] was an amazing chef. Everything gets noticed. 


Looking back at your first night, what would you have done differently? 

Calafiore: [Laughs] I would have eaten something! It still rattles in my head how I ate nothing the entire day because I was a wreck. I was just nervous. We all had a glass of champagne, they had food out and I never touched the food. That was the worst. Everyone was hanging around and I didn't want to be the guy was like, "Alright I'm going to go eat something." I didn't want to be a loner on the first night. I was dying. My stomach was in so much pain. I didn't want to be that guy either, "Hey guys, I don't want to be a Debbie downer on the first day, but I am starving." It got to the point where it was painful. 

Nolan: It's funny because we played our first competition and I did pretty good. People just thought I was a dumb blond from Miami so that helped me out, but I'm definitely more than that. I got third place in the first competition and I don't think it hurt me that I did so well, but it put up a red flag that I was a competition beast. You have to be careful. I would never want to win the first HoH.

Elenburg: There wouldn't be a whole hell of a lot I'd do differently because it did lead me to the final two! We did have the saboteur and my nature is to be quiet, sit back and read everybody and then react. I thought everyone thought I was the saboteur because I didn't speak as much the first couple of weeks. I was beating myself in my own head thinking, 'Everyone thinks I'm the saboteur. I'm not the saboteur. How can I tell them I'm not?'. 

Donato: There's nothing I could have done differently because I had a lot of issues and I was trying to lay low. For me, it was a little bit different. 

Throughout the entire game, what is the most important thing for the new cast to keep in mind? 

Donato: This sounds so cheesy, but it's so true especially having played twice, you need to remember to have fun. It gets so stressful in there and there are so many times where everyone is just sitting around and complaining and you're miserable because you're with a bunch of people you don't like. But you need to remember it's an experience of a lifetime and you're not there for very long. Once you're gone you miss it so much so it's important to have fun and the more fun you have when you're actually playing the game the better overall experience you'll have. You'll probably end up being a better player and kept there longer because people want to be around good attitudes. My first season I was 20 and I didn't keep anything in mind. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

Nolan: You have to hold your own in the house. You have to keep in mind that you're living with other people so you have to contribute to the actual house. I kept it clean. Don't worry about people talking shit about you because it's always going to happen and don't get too much involved in the drama. Stay on a steady stream, keep good ties with your alliance, and don't make too many side alliances because that will always screw you up. Don't have your hand in too many cookie jars. That's what happened with Audrey and Mamma Day. In the house listen to what other people have to say and don't talk about yourself too much because that's really obnoxious. One of my strongest assets was my social game. People found out we were twins and they still kept us in the house! They really liked us and thought we were funny.  If you overdo it people will think you're fake or sketchy and say, "She's being sneaky!" Sorry I had to say it.

Calafiore: That it is a very long game. If you're going to the end, you're there for 90 days. If you try and start having the wheels spinning from day one and overplay it's a guarantee to put a target on your back and get you out of the house. My biggest thing is build relationships at the start that are going to help you get to the end because you're not doing it on your own and you're in there for a very long time. I was very fortunate enough that Derrick [Levasseur] never wanted to burn me. I didn't want to be the guy trying to form all of the alliances. I wanted to be the guy that was there in the room because I didn't want to be left out, but I was never going to be the guy who was starting any of the alliances. Those are the people that always end up getting their name thrown under the bus. 

Elenburg: It's just a game, but don't get completely lost in it. A lot of the times you're two different people whether you believe it or not. When you're inside the house you're a totally different person than when you're on the outside. The people you get annoyed with and seem to think that you hate inside that house, when you're done with that game you become best friends with those people. I still speak with almost every bit of my cast. 

The cast is about to go into sequester. How do you advise them on how to handle the process before they even get to enter the house? They bring you to L.A., put you into sequester, there's press day, you have to take photos and shoot promos ... 

Calafiore: Get used to staring at a wall. They strip everything (laughs). You have nothing. Be ok with your own thoughts. You really got to find way to entertain yourself. You're just sitting in a room by yourself. You get overly excited when anybody comes to the door, but then again you can't really answer it so you get nervous. Think game, but you have a lot of time sitting there so don't over think the game because you'll over think and overwhelm yourself before you even get in the house. Those are the people that every time within the first few weeks they make themselves known. They're the people that have obviously been sitting there thinking Big Brother and watching Big Brother and they'll try to be the next Derrick or Dan Gheesling on day two. That just doesn't work. 

Nolan: Once you go into the sequester process I highly recommend you do nothing but lay in bed and watch Big Brother because that's the only thing you're able to do. You want to polish your techniques and see how other people have done it. That's what me and my sister did. I wish I watched more so I would have been more knowledgeable about the game. Me and Julia [Nolan] were in sequester the whole time and we were the first ones flown out. It was so crazy because everyone in the house would talk about their sequester experience. They would say, "We all went to the pier one day, we ate at this restaurant." I couldn't even say that, so I had to play it cool because we had a completely different sequester experience than the other houseguests. 

Donato: It's the most boring time of your life. It's so depressing because you're by yourself. I brought weights and stuff to work out in the hotel room. When you're in a room by yourself for a week all you do is over analyze, and that's not good. 

Elenburg: Man, the sequester was probably the hardest part [and] super difficult. You leave this world of friends and family and getting to do what you want to do and they put you into this hotel. They take away your TV and tape your peep hole. They taped mine, I can't speak for other people, but I had no interaction with anyone besides the handlers that came by. You had crayons, coloring books, and play dough inside your room. They take your luggage, they take everything. They gave me power bands to work out with and every morning. I made it a schedule to get butt ass naked  and press my body against that window to get a tan! (Laughs). There was nothing else to do, hell I'm 30 floors in the air, might as well go get butt ass naked and try to get a tan from the good California sun. 

How do you advise them on how to avoid confrontation? 

Donato: If you have confrontation in week one you're not going to last long. But it's impossible to avoid confrontations completely. If you do, people aren't going to like you so confrontations aren't always a bad thing. I can think of times where I wish I was more confrontational. When I backdoored Brendon [Villegas] the second time and Rachel [Reilly] and him came to me and told me Jeff [Schroeder] was going to nominate me, blah, blah, blah. At that time I didn't believe anything Rachel said because she lied all the time. I just went to Jeff and said, 'Did you say you were going to nominate me?' And he said, 'No.' I believed him, but if I looked more into it and was more confrontational with him. Maybe it would have come out. 

Calafiore: Just be friendly. I was friendly with the guys I was very flirty with the girls. I was on the ins with a bunch of the people. If there was ever game talk I would let it come my way so that there was never a factor of someone saying, "Cody came to me and said this."

Nolan: I wanted to be so much more confrontational. But in the house if you're just yelling, screaming and getting into fights like Mamma Day did it's not going to be to your benefit. As many times that if we were in the real world I would have stood up for myself and said, "F--- this, I'm speaking my mind" you can't do that. That's what makes the game so interesting because you can't fully be your true self, without getting evicted. 

Elenburg: Change your thinking. I know that in the outside world if someone was yelling at a girl, my outside self would step in and say, 'Hey bud, that ain't right.' When you're inside that house you have to really bite your tongue. When Ragan was yelling at Rachel and there was Brendon [Villegas] yelling at Britney [Haynes]. I had a really soft spot for Britney in there. She was an amazing girl. 

What was the most crucial moment in the house that justified your place in the final two?

Nolan: When it was down to me, Vanessa [Rousso], Johnny Mac, and Steve [Moses]. From top five to top four I had to make a choice and had to entrust everything to this girl because if I didn't I would have screwed myself over. With Steve and Johnny Mac I knew they always had each other's backs. As much as I was angry at Vanessa for evicting Austin, I had to go with her to the end. To be honest when Austin was on the block I quickly realized that I came here for the money, myself, my sister, and my family. My family was going to kill me if I f-- something up over a guy. I had to make it to the end all on my own and I did pretty well. 

Elenburg: When we were getting down to the final five and I had Britney and the "Brigade," that crucial moment was in the middle of choosing who was going to further my game and who was I going to upset was really difficult for me. It came to point where you really choose what competitions you want to win or lose because you knew if you won those competitions you're going to have to make really tough decisions. I thought I can choose Britney, but in my mind I knew maybe not because she has won a lot of competitions and could beat me in the end. That was a difficult deal so I left it up to the "Brigade" to choose whether they wanted me or Britney. That was my crucial moment.

Calafiore: The week with the rewind. There was a lot of other stuff that I was in the middle of. Hayden [Voss] going home I was in the middle of it, but the week that the rewind happened and we were able to send Frankie [Grande] home if that rewind didn't happen and Frankie didn't go who knows how the competitions would have played out the rest of the season. He never lost competitions ever. That week with him going home is what allowed me to be in competitions against people that I could beat consistently. At that point I think Derrick and I won every competition the rest of the way out. 

Donato: Winning the last veto competition before the final three. That was the biggest thing ever. I knew if I didn't win that, I was going home. There was no other option. It was win or go home. I'll never forget it. That was my happiest Big Brother moment ever. If I went home that would have been the worst feeling every. I always say fourth and especially third place are the worst. 

What move do you think you should have made to show the jury that you should have won rather than just get second place? 

Donato: My biggest downfall my first time around was my social game, for sure. I keep looking back at it, but you have to understand it was 10 years ago. I was so young and naive. When you're more of an introvert and you're put in there it's tough. If you didn't like somebody I didn't care to talk to them. I just didn't deal with them. That's not playing the game at all though. You have to make friends with every single person. Even if you don't have things in common with them you can learn something from everyone. That's my biggest regret. My social game was terrible and that's what cost me the game. My biggest regret was answering the jury questions and final speech at the end because I didn't fight for it. With my father and I we had an agreement that we'll just go in and whoever they vote for, they vote for. It is what it is, whatever happened happened, but I didn't fight for it because you don't feel right fighting for it. It was an awkward situation for me. I could have stood up for myself more and I didn't, at all. 

Nolan: Because I didn't win the first or second part of the HoH, I think the jury was influenced by that. I should never have let Vanessa talk me into falling off the candy apple. That was a huge mistake. I let her get into my head. Everyone still on the streets will ask me, "Why the f--- did you trust Vanessa?" She got a bit of a grasp on me and in the real world I'm super independent and I wouldn't have let that happen. The house changes you. I wish I was more worried about myself and obviously my sister and didn't believe Vanessa about so many things. If I were able to redo my jury speech I would say, "I was the twist of the season and made it to the final two! I was able to overcome that. I played like a competition beast. I wasn't a super fan of the show, which makes my game even stronger because I was able to get through something so difficult that I really didn't know much about. And I had a showmance that made it super far." I should have been given a lot more credit, but it is what it is. 

Elenburg: One thing I would do to change the jury's mind would be to change my own mindset. I came into the finale thinking that I had already lost. I thought they were going to vote on who won more competitions. What I didn't realize behind the scenes was they were already contemplating that Hayden [Moss] was making up all these lies. I didn't know that so I already went into the finale being defeated.I wish i came in with a backbone and said, "He did this, this, and that." Trying to paint a worse picture of Hayden, even though we're best friends today, during the game I wish I painted an even worse picture to add to what they were already thinking. I already defeated myself before the cameras even rolled. 

Calafiore: What Derrick did was even when people were going out of the house he cushioned those relationships. He played to the jury. I never did that. If I could go back I would never cut him at the end. If I could go back and do it a million times I would take him to the final two. What I would have done differently was what Derrick did where I would watch him kind of be padding everyone as they're going to the jury and I would just allow him too. I was never talking to people. I was never talking to Nicole [Franzel] or trying to talk to Donny [Thompson] or Hayden as they were leaving the house. They were just leaving the house and so for me, I was like, "Alright, they're leaving, I want to get to the end." I was not thinking, 'Alright they're leaving, if I go to the end I need them to vote for me.' 

Is there a vote or votes on finale night that you think you could have changed?

Donato: If I just had a better social game I could have gotten a few more votes. Obviously, the "America's Vote" played into it and that's a whole different story. 

Elenburg: I think I could have changed Ragan's vote. When I got Brendon and Rachel's vote, during that time it cut to commercial and I looked over and Hayden was stressing out! There was a different mood that changed with him. We both thought Brendon and Rachel were going to vote for Hayden because he was with them all of the time. I didn't know they were upset with him. And then I thought If I got those two votse then I can win this sucker! I wish I would have changed up my speech. If you make it to finale, your speech is everything.

Calafiore: I look back at it and I think a lot of the jury members have their mind made up going into it. I definitely could have handled the questions on finale night a little better. I kind of sealed the deal on some of the votes. There were a couple of votes that I was very surprised at like Hayden. Christine [Brecht] really surprised me. For Hayden and Christine, they were two people that really trusted me. I thought Caleb [Reynolds] might have given it to me because of my competition wins, but I never brought that up in my finale speech. I let a lot of the questions get to me and I didn't answer them in a way that could have helped me. I really blew it with a lot of my questions. 

Nolan: Meg [Maley] and James [Huling's] vote. I was so shocked that they ended up going with Steve. Even Austin [Matelson] told me that he was convincing them and they said, "We're going to vote for her. That's my girl." Unfortunately, part of it has to do with women and them being catty towards one another. It's hard for a woman to win Big Brother. There have been so many male winners. 

When a female sits next to a male in the final two, they always lose. Why do you think that is?

Nolan: Women are catty. They don't want to give their vote to another woman. They make up most of the jury, it's always mostly women. It sucks. I wish they thought differently about their vote. That's why I wanted me and Vanessa to make it to the end because I wanted a woman to win. So, Big Brother 18 I hope you girls are strong and great at the game because two girls need to get to the end in order for you to win. 

Donato: It's true what everyone says that women don't want to vote for another woman. I don't want to use the word jealous because everyone uses that on Big Brother, "So and so is jealous of you because you're pretty" or whatever they want to say. I don't think that's necessarily it. Girls just have such strong emotions and you go in there and either love the girls that you're playing with or you hate them. It's real life. You're not going to get along with everybody in real life. It's that heightened in the house. And guys don't want to get beaten out by a girl obviously so they'll vote for the guy in the end. 

Calafiore: Maybe because, if you look at last season the female that would have won got cut in the final three. But I don't know I really don't have a reason for that. 

Elenburg: I don't know. If I was sitting next to Britney, she was very good socially, but was even better in competitions. A lot of times when females are put in that situation, it's high stress. It's hard for them to bite their tongues I would say, more than a male. They get more involved into the game and what's happening. That's why Britney and I worked out so well together because I was able to calm her down and say, "These people are a joke, don't let them get to you. Don't let them get underneath your skin." They really get involved, males do too, but I think they get involved into the game more. They can't help themselves, no one can. That would be the only reason I would say. I can't answer that question very well. 

Showmance or no showmance? 

Nolan: Liztin is no longer! [Laughs] I don't regret that decision though because at the time I really liked him. He started out as my friend and I didn't think it would be a showmance. I don't recommend a showmance if you're married or have a boyfriend or girlfriend because America does not like that. If you want to get into a showmance get into a showmance, but don't be taken in the real world! 

Calafiore: I am so against showmances. It's a sure way to get you booted right out of the house. You may go further, but showmances usually never end well for either one or even both of the people in them. 

Elenburg: You can't help yourself when you're in the house. You can try and do it quietly like Hayden did with Kristen [Bitting], but when you do that people are reading you. When they started hanging out more often, but we don't see them kiss, then we're thinking that they're brother and sister or they're cousins. And then you find out they are kissing and you're like, "What the f--- is going on? Are these suckers related and making out? That's weird to me." They looked alike and had the same birth mark too!

Donato: Sometimes they benefit you. I've noticed that they used to hurt your game a lot more than in the more recent seasons. I feel like they just benefit you now because people don't care. They think of them as just members in the house instead of a threat. In recent seasons they've benefited players, so go for it!

If you got to play the game again, do you think you would win, be a two-time runner-up or get sent home earlier?

Nolan: If I played again I would definitely win. I have a much better grasp of the game and I would be ready to kick butt. 

Elenburg: That's a pretty tough question. If you go in a second time you're either going to win or go home too early. 

Calafiore: That depends on the cast that's around me. If you throw me in there with some big time strategic players like Derrick and Dan I'll say to the other players, "You need to go after those guys. I didn't do anything. I don't plan, I don't manipulate people like they do. You go after them." That would be fun to see, it'd be pretty wild. If you throw me in with a bunch of newbies, I'm going home early. 

Daniele, if you played the game a third time, would you win, get sent home early again or be a runner-up again?

Donato: When I went in the second time I swore going into the house that I was either going to be top four or I'd be out before jury. I was really disappointed in myself because I knew I could have gone farther. If I went back again I would do really well because there'd be so many bigger targets and I'm so long gone that people wouldn't even remember how I played. I'm pretty confident that I would go really far and I wouldn't settle for second place again. I would make sure to give it a really good fight in the end to win and bury the other person!  

For how long after the game ended did you play the "What if?" game?

Donato: Oh my God. For the first season it never ended, ever. Leading up even to the second time I got to play again you just never stop thinking about what you could have done to win. You always replay it constantly, what you could have done better. Second place sucks! You want to win first place. Especially as a female there have not been many strong women who have won and you want to be that girl who beats out a guy. 

Calafiore: Not long. I don't look back too much, no. I looked at what if I played the finale better, but then again you still don't know how the votes would have went. A loss is a loss whether you lose by one vote or you lose by five. 

Elenburg: You play it for a good two years. And then it triggers back when Big Brother comes back on and you sit back home and you're watching it on your couch and you're seeing how those people play. It comes back every year. 

Nolan: I'm still playing it. Especially with season 18 coming, it's a constant reminder. Even being in Hawaii right now, I'm like, "What if?" Hopefully I'll get over it soon. 

Which veterans do you want to see return this season? 

Donato: I heard my husband is going into the house, but unfortunately that's not true. I think every year that people say certain players are coming back and they just start random rumors because that's what they want, but that doesn't mean it's going to happen. My guess is it's just going to be a completely new cast. If there were returning players it'd be maybe three, max, but I don't see any returning people this year. I love the second chances seasons on Survivor. They're so fun to watch. They do it so much it's so crazy! I wish Big Brother would do that more. If there are returning players Eric Stein would be my number one choice and Britney Haynes because I love Britney. 

Elenburg: I heard they are bringing back certain people from different seasons, some newbies are coming in and they're going to compete before they get into the house and whoever wins then they get to go into the home. A lot of the veterans that have already played again, I enjoyed watching them, but I'd like to see new faces. I want to see someone like an Annie and some of these people that went out early and just got the wrong end of the stick. Those people could really win. Enzo, I would watch on TV, everyday. Matt [Hoffman] could go far, Ragan was a great player. 

Nolan: I would love to see Jason [Roy] play again. He was so funny and I feel like he got cheated. I'd love to see him have another shot. There are so many all-star rumors and I just want to see a brand new cast. 

Calafiore: Vanessa going back in there would be pretty awesome. I'd love to see Donny [Thompson] after watching the season back, Donny was awesome. I love Donny. Zach [Rance] would be good to come back for entertainment. Johnny Mac was the man. I wouldn't mind Elissa [Reilly Slater] in there because she's pretty entertaining. I want someone where I'm actually going to watch and each week I'll be like, 'God, I wonder what they're going to do.' 

What do you think about former players who will attack the new cast on social media during next season? 

Elenburg: I don't like it. I went into the game being an ordinary guy. I didn't use social media a whole lot. When you come out of that game you get bombarded by so many things that you can't cope with and never understood your whole life. I didn't want fame, I found the opportunity to come in and compete for something. Watching someone on TV is 100 times different than meeting them in real life. Judging someone you see on TV, especially Big Brother, you don't know what that person is going through. Don't ever judge anybody. 

Donato: It's so awful that former players attack the new cast. I can say that I've unfollowed former players on Twitter. I'm not going to say who they are, but I've unfollowed them for being so mean to the new cast. I don't care what the reasoning is, there's no excuse for that. Harmless jokes, I'm the queen of that probably, but when you're just downright mean I can't stand that. We've all been there before.The new cast shouldn't put up with that. If they have to deal with that just block those people. There's no reason to even associate yourself with them.

Nolan: I hope this is included because it recently happened to me. I think it's so sad how most of the Big Brother alumni instead of saying words of encouragement, a lot of them are rude and join in on the shit talking. We should all be friends because we all went through this crazy, once in a lifetime experience together and instead we're belittling and bringing others down. It's really sad. To the new cast members, after the show, just ignore it. I do a great job of just hitting that block button! I'm not afraid to. Don't even write back you don't want to stoop to their level. There are a lot of Big Brother alumni who are really, really nice and I respect them, but the ones that aren't and talk shit about you through the season you always find out about it. I'm going to comment on this season, but in the nicest way possible. I don't want to get Evel Dick [Donato] on anyone! 

Which winner has been the best to ever play the game? 

Donato: Maggie [Ausburn]. She was an overall beast, very underrated. The only thing she lacked was a good social game, so.  . .solidarity sister!  

Nolan: Dan Gheesling, no other winner can beat him. 

Elenburg: For a woman to win it, Rachel played incredible, both seasons. She's a fearless girl who can get stuff done. I would say her and Dan, I was a huge Dan fan. He is intelligent, knows the game and I can guarantee you if you put him back in the game, he'll make it far, again. 

Calafiore: I know a lot of people will give me grief for saying Derrick because they think it's just the easy answer for me, but I really feel that he was the best winner. The only winners that compare are Dan and Will, but Derrick played a game where he never was put on the block once throughout an entire season of Big Brother where four people were nominated each week. That speaks volumes about the relationships he built in the house and the game he was playing. He also had his hand in so many evictions even when he wasn't in power. With that said he was also part of the best duo of all time, I mean come on now. 

Looking at all the past winners, who do you think, if you sat next to them in the final two, you would've beaten?

Elenburg: If you can sell yourself to the jury, you can win. It really comes down to your speech. Derrick was a great game player, but it came down to speeches. Cody gave up. He knew he was competing for second place. I wish I was in his spot during that time and made a different speech because right there Cody signed Derrick's check. You can tell he gave up. 

Calafiore: Based on my game from my season if I was next to Steve and if I won that competition and I took him to the final two, I could have won. But I don't know, he played a good game too. I think Season 14 sitting next to Ian I could have had a chance. Season 13 was Rachel and she's just too good so I don't know about that. 

Nolan: Season 15 I definitely could have beaten Andy [Herren]. He was a floater in the game and I'm bigger and stronger than him (laughs). I did way more in my season than he did in his season. 

Donato: Andy, hell yeah I would have beaten him. He's going to get so mad at this. The only thing he was good at was a social game, but he didn't have a well rounded game I would have easily beaten him. And if I sat next to Rachel I could have beaten her. I'll start two fights. I can't wait till Andy reads this, he's going to get so defensive and text me nonstop. If there was an all-runner ups season from the runner-ups that come to mind, I think I'd do great! My biggest challenge would be Danielle Reyes and Dan. It would be the challenge of Danielle, Dani, and Dan. 

That's the twist. The "Dan" twist.

Donato: [Laughs]

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