'Big Brother 18': Sixth Juror Opens Up About Her Relationship With James and Paulie's "Jersey Girls" Comments

Big Brother Natalie Eviction - H - 2016

In the history of Big Brother there have been quite a few showmances. In fact, the series wouldn't be Big Brother without them.

Some of the showmances have even continued long after the game ended. Look at Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas, who are now not only married, but gave birth to the first Big Brother baby, Adora Villegas. There's also Dominic Briones and Daniele Donato who had a flirtmance on the show that quickly brought wedding bells another Big Brother marriage. And then there's Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd who aren't just married and expecting their first child, but Shroeder made sure to go back to where it all began and propose to Lloyd inside the Big Brother backyard. 

So what do season 18 couples James and Natalie, Paul and Zakiyah and Corey and Nicole have in common with these showmances? Absolutely nothing. Even season 15's McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman had more of a showmance than these fauxmances.

And on Thursday night, whatever relationship James and Natalie had came to an end as Natalie became the sixth juror this season. So what was their relationship all about? The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the newest evictee to find out.

You mentioned the showmance was over between you and James, but what really was your relationship? It never seemed romantic. Can you explain?

Of course. It was very romantic, but I knew I was on TV and my family and friends are all watching, especially my little cousins and kids all around the world. I wanted to kiss James and cuddle with him all the time but at the end of the day, I wanted to be careful with my actions. That was just not something I was comfortable enough doing on TV.

What do you think Meg Maley, James' closest ally and flirtmance last season will think of your relationship with him?

I’m not really sure. I would hope that she cared about our showmance and approved of it. I always had James’ best intentions in mind. That is also why I won HOH was because I wanted to pull my weight and make James feel safe for a week just like he did for me. All season long I was defending James. I hope people remember that instead of my last week where I was just really emotional about the situation.

What was your honest take when Paulie said you were as fake as "the things on your chest"? Why did he hate Jersey girls so much?

To be honest, I have no idea. I like Jersey girls. I like Jersey people. I live there. I wasn’t raised there but I live there now. It was a very hurtful comment, but I will forgive him for it. Being in this house makes you say things you do not mean. I told him right after he said that that he is a great guy still, because I understand what his emotions were. I know I am not fake. The words hurt but they did not affect my life.

Why do you think you received the first care package this summer? 

I have no idea. I thought it was maybe my speech because I was a have-not and I was on the block. Hopefully America saw that I am a genuine person and always have people’s best interests at heart. I’m really thankful and happy that I got it. 

Do you think James deserves to win over the other remaining players? Why?

Yes, 100 percent. He is a great player. He didn’t hit the block for 79 days! He was able to use his social game to get him though the entire season. He never bad-talked people, was always level headed and never gave anyone a reason not to like him. He was also protecting me. The fact that he made it that far and was fighting for two people not just himself — he is just a good person. James always had my back.

Why did you choose to align with Corey and Nicole over Paul and Victor? What was the reasoning behind that?

I thought that Paul was coming after James and James really trusted Nicole and Corey. At the end of the day, Paul and Victor are the biggest threats in the house. They are the strongest duo in every capacity.

What did you think about James and Natalie's relationship? Was it really a showmance? Who do you think has the best shot at winning the game? Take THR's poll here. Paul currently leads the poll. Don't forget to stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother