'Big Brother 18': Paulie Talks Zakiyah Showmance and His Personal Attack Against Natalie

Big Brother Paulie Calafiore Eviction -H 2016

On Thursday night's live eviction Paulie's game came to an end, for now. After the round-trip ticket twist expired, the reality series must now take a twist that has been used in the last three seasons, the returning juror twist. Before Paulie competes to get back in the game against Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, Bridgette and the next juror, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the crying Calafiore to get some burning questions answered.

The older brother of runner-up and fan favorite Cody Calafiore opens up to THR about his relationship with Zakiyah, his comment about Natalie's fake boobs and why that butterfly made him cry.

Will you be dating Zakiyah after the show or was your showmance with her just part of the game? 

Everything that happened within the BB house was part of the game. Anything personal that we can have, only time will tell. Depends on where she is at in life and where I am at in life when we are out of the BB house. 

What do you think Cody and the season 16 cast think of Nicole's gameplay this season and why?

I think they probably think it looks very similar to her game play in their season. That will not change what they think about her because they all think she is a sweetheart. Now, it is down to seven people and it is time for her gameplay to be stepped up. She has the ability to do that. 

Do you really hate butterflies? What's so wrong with them?

I don’t hate butterflies. Growing up, when people passed away in our family, we always said it was their spirit and if they landed on you it meant that they were watching over you. So when I saw the butterfly in the house, I just starting thinking could that be someone coming to watch over me. It was just emotional. 

You made a comment about Natalie's breasts. What was the decision behind making a personal attack in the game? 

It was coming to me from various sources that she was making personal attacks on me that were completely false in their nature. Plus, I was being egged on by Zakiyah to say something so the comment had nothing to do with her breasts, the comment had everything to do with creating a simile regarding her personality. 

How do you think your game compares to players who have played before you? 

I will leave that up to the Big Brother world to decide. 

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