'Big Brother 18' Premiere Part Two: There's No Place Like Home (Just Ask the Veterans)

The most twisted moments from part two of the season 18 premiere are revealed.
'Big Brother 18'

The second part of Big Brother season 18 has its first eviction before the 16 houseguests truly get to play the game. Lines in the sand are already drawn, the newbies are showing their recruit status by playing the worst game ever, and the veterans are on the fast road to half a million dollars. While one houseguest goes home, another claims to be the messiah and may be the second houseguest evicted this summer. 

Here are the most twisted moments from part two of the season 18 premiere: 

The crying game returns. Superfans argue Vanessa Rousso was the best player to play the game last season. She's arguably one of the strongest female houseguests to ever enter the game. What else is she known for? Tears. Lots of them. So while Tiffany claimed to not be as emotional as her sister, who is the first houseguest crying this season? Take a wild guess! The sister of the professional poker player cries to Mamma Day. "I hate bottling it all in," she tells Da'Vonne after the reveal that she is Vanessa's sister. The reveal that Mamma Day already knew about. "Is there some coconut conspiracy here? What the hell," Tiffany says about one of her coconuts falling off in the competition. 

The boss from the Bronx. Before the game even started, Glenn Garcia received hate from superfans on social media for his support of Donald Trump. This support was never made public on the show, but fans stalked his social media in order to uncover this secret and have been harsh towards him ever since. Maybe they'll ease off as Glenn, who entered the game to fight for his daughter, is unfortunately the first houseguest evicted. "There is no reason for Glenn to walk out of here with his head down. You went out a champion in my books," Paul says of the oldest houseguest this season. "I'm so happy to be a part of Big Brother this summer," a grateful Glenn tells the diary room before his portrait on the memory wall turns to black. While Glenn is the first houseguest out the door, Nicole is crowned the first head of household of the summer. 

Guns out, puns out. See what we did there? Victor tries to talk game with Nicole, but does he have any real strategy? The newbie who is safe for the upcoming eviction should have stayed clear of any game talk, since, well, he's safe! The Louisiana native has admitted to trying to charm his ladies, so while he attempts to talk game with the woman in charge by revealing some secrets, he also starts revealing something else. Victor takes his shirt off during the conversation in what looked to be an attempt to seduce the first head of household of the summer. Did you see that, Hayden?

They're not going anywhere. For the four returning houseguests — Nicole, Frank, Da'Vonne and James — there's no place like home. And home for them is the Big Brother house and will continue to be for a while. Superfans were anxious heading into the two-night premiere knowing that Nicole was at risk of eviction from the first competition, but it looks like it's home sweet home for the season 16 favorite, along with her fellow vets. Who's their first target? Another newbie and recruit with no knowledge of the game. "This boy has the audacity to call himself the messiah. You just sealed your fate," Da'Vonne says of the celebrity make-up artist who thought they were telling each other secrets at the nail salon. According to Mamma Day, "Ain't no money in your pockets, sit down!" Although Nicole nominates him for eviction, she does make a mistake by nominating Cody Calafiore's brother Paulie, as a pawn. Pawns do go home! And if he is still sitting on the nomination block at the first live eviction of the summer, majority rules and the other newbies could vote him out. Highly unlikely, but careful with that risk veterans, it's definitely not the best move. 

Is Paulie as a pawn a bad move? Did you feel bad for Glenn? Will Jozea be the second evicted houseguest? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother