'Big Brother 18' Premiere: Luggage is Unleashed During the "Craziest Summer Vacation"

Breaking down the top moments from the 'Big Brother' season 18 two-hour premiere.
Bill Inoshita/CBS

Big Brother is back for season 18 and host Julie Chen announces there will be four competitions on premiere night. "Before the sun rises on the Big Brother house tomorrow you will be introduced to three Big Brother twists that will challenge you like never before," Chen tells the houseguests. She also promises the houseguests their "craziest summer vacation" ever. 

But first, it's time to meet the 12 new houseguests as they pack away their lives in a little black bag to hopefully make it 99 days in the house and win $500,000. Some highlights for the hometown visits include this season's oldest contestant Glenn Garcia, from the Bronx NY. "I went to the School of Hard Knocks, my daughter is not going to the School of Hard Knocks," he tells the camera. America loves a Cinderella story and a player who is fighting for his daughter at home. Case in point: James from last season (who may start being described for other reasons) and season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur, both had motivations back home and fans rooting for them to win the game. 

Who will really be the Cinderella story this year? And who are you rooting for? Here are the top moment's from the season 18 premiere. 

Love is in the air. Zakiyah has eyes for season 16 runner-up Cody Calafiore's brother Paulie. Paul has eyes for Zakiyah and is fond of her teacher status, "Hopefully she pulls out a ruler and makes things interesting." Victor has eyes for Natalie and Natalie has eyes for Corey. Two love triangles already? And that's not all. Corey has eyes for Victor admitting in the diary room, "He just looks like a stud to me, definitely a possibility for a bromance." As for the super fan from Michigan, Michelle? She has eyes for a cat. The first pet in the Big Brother house! "We're basically the same person except for that freaking cat on his face," she jokes about Paul's beard. Who will be the first showmance and when will the claws come out? Keep reading. 

Meditation in the diary room. "She sounds like she's been sucking helium her entire life," Paul says of Bronte, arguably one of the most unique houseguests the show has ever housed. The mathematician may also have made a Big Brother first. She not only vents in the diary room about her frustrations, "Something is not adding up." And she meditates too. "I really feel more Zen," she tells the camera. Will she spend hours in the diary room and meditate like Audrey Middleton held up the diary room with her sunglasses and blanket last season? We'll see, but one thing is for sure, Bronte is one to watch and could even be voted "America's Favorite Houseguest." But not if there are returning players obviously, they already have a fan base...

Four fan favorites flood season 18. "You are not alone in there. That's because there are four stowaways in the house that have been there since you moved in. They haven't seen or heard you, but just like you they will be competing for the $500,000 prize," Chen tells the houseguests. Yes the four rumored former players Nicole Franzel (season 16), Da'Vonne Rogers (season 17), James Huling (season 17), and Frank Eudy (season 14) enter the game for another shot at the prize. While some houseguests fan out of the veterans return, "I'm such a fan," Bridgette" tells Nicole, others like Paul and Zakiyah are quickly plotting their demise. Jozea says of the veterans,"These old relics. These old antiques. Go get polished before you enter the Big Brother house," Will one of the returnees be the first one to go, as Chen reveals one houseguest will be leaving tomorrow? We'll just have to wait and see. For now, Victor, Natalie, James, and Bronte are all safe for two weeks. 

Two siblings, one truth. Paulie comes forward to the houseguests, pretty much off the bat and tells them he's Cody's brother. "I might as well get this out there. My brother's Cody from BB 16," says Paulie. Not to take the credit for that move, but when THR interviewed Paulie we did advise that he be upfront about his sibling right away. As for Tiffany? She's keeping a tight lip, but there are houseguests already catching on. "Hey Vanessa's sister!" Da'Vonne calls out Tiffany in the diary room. And super fan Michelle confronts Tiffany about it too. While Tiffany tries to deflect by asking Michelle if she is Nicole's sister, she finally has to open up about being Vanessa's. 

Which returning houseguest is your favorite? Who will be sent home tomorrow? What other twists are in store? Sound off in the comments below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother. The second part of the premiere airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on CBS.