'Big Brother 18': A Veteran Loses His Cool While a Newbie Kicks "Ace"

Big Brother 2nd Live Eviction Split - Publicity-H 2016

"Victor might just become road kill himself," host Julie Chen says at the jump of Big Brother season 18's second live eviction. And she's right. The New Orleans native, Victor, is the third houseguest evicted this season. 

But before the not-so-shocking eviction took place, there's trouble in paradise for the returning players — Da'Vonne, James, and Nicole — because their fellow veteran, Frank, has lost his mind. Keep reading to find out how as THR picks the most twisted moments from this season's second live eviction: 

Thanks, Julie. Yes, James' pranks are already getting old, but his manners are not. Every week the self-proclaimed Asian hillbilly shows respect to the woman sort of in charge, Julie Chen. Every time he thanks her when voting to evict a houseguest, it reminds superfans why he was voted "America's Favorite Houseguest" in season 17. Rather than showing another one of James' pranks, why not show more of his game play? The scene with him and Da'Vonne talking about alliances falling apart was one of the best moments this season. What did it do? Well, not only did it show James as a Southern gentleman listening to Da'Vonne cry, it foreshadowed a possible final two of James and Da'Vonne. A final showdown this season that fans will actually root for. It may not happen, but if either one of them wants to secure a win they may need to realize that sitting next to a fellow veteran is their only shot. And it will be epic. 

Group hugs! Why don't the evicted houseguests just shout out, "Thanks for evicting me!" as they walk out the door. They might as well. The third evicted houseguest this season, Victor, asks for a group hug with everyone. He didn't even seem too excited about the "Battle Back" twist where he'll get a chance to get back into the game. Instead, after his social media plug, it looked like he just wanted to go check his Instagram

Boom, boom, done. "Just like her sister Vanessa, did the same shit. Little side alliances, then she snipes your ass!" James says about Tiffany. Adding, "We might have to start taking some girls out." "There's only one thing that happens with ticking time bombs: boom, boom, done," says Paulie. The remaining men left in the Big Brother house start to realize that they are slowly but surely getting outnumbered by the women. And there's one in particular that Frank is not too fond of. In his free time he has made the sister of the professional poker player cry, and she is currently on his target list. How will he get her out? Well, first he has to blow up the Eight Pack to Paulie to cover his tracks. And what does he think of the "Eight Pack" name? "Stupid as hell," he tells Paulie. "Selfish ass," Da'Vonne says about Frank after finding out what season 14's "America's Favorite Houseguest" is up to. How will she stop him? "Sometimes you have to keep the cat in the house to get the rat, and that rat would be Frank," the mom from Inglewood says about keeping Tiffany in the game to target Frank. But after the new head of household is crowned it might not be so easy.

The farting veteran wins. Well, technically not him, but his team member Bridgette won for the week keeping him safe. "I look at you like my little sister," he tells Bridgette in the episode while confiding in her. It seems like she'll do whatever the veteran tells her to, unless the Spy Girls step in. And they should have a say since Natalie this week was the most deserving of the HoH and was completely robbed. Yes, she was eliminated, but she still kicked ace

Should Natalie have won HoH? Does James have the best manners in the house? Do you hate that Bridgette won HoH? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother