'Big Brother 18': A Branch Breaks Off the Family Tree

Big Brother 18 Fifth Eviction - H 2016
Courtesy of CBS

Big Brother 18 Fifth Eviction - H 2016

"Lies have been revealed and everyone is scrambling," host Julie Chen tells the audience during Big Brother season 18's fourth live eviction.

This season's semi-twist of having siblings of former players Vanessa Rousso and Cody Calafiore in the game has not caused them to work together, but in fact to go against each other. Cody's older bro Paulie has been set on getting Vanessa's little sis Tiffany out of the house. What fueled that fire? Well, season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur, who advised Paulie before entering the game, talked about the bit of sibling rivalry to The Hollywood Reporter here.

So, was Paulie successful in his plan? THR has the answers by breaking down the most twisted moments from this season's fourth live eviction.  

Whip your hair back and forth. "Be scared Frank, be scared Tiff," says Da'Vonne after Tiffany not-so-secretly nominated her. "If she thinks flipping her hair on me is going to throw me off she has another thing coming. She whipped it on me," Tiffany tells Frank of Da'Vonne's epic hair flip. "I flung my hair. That's shade 101," Da'Vonne tells Zakiyah and Paul. "I am not leaving a wounded animal in the game," Paulie assures Da'Vonne that she's safe. "Day is a fing squeaky leak," Tiffany tells Paulie. "That's scary," Da'Vonne says about Tiffany mingling with the other houseguests, along with wearing Paulie's hat. 

Gigglemance. "I think this is our first fight," Natalie says about James refusing to eat her cooking. "That's not nice. I should have not started liking you. You're free to cuddle with whoever you want now." "I apologize for the comment. I didn't know how you felt towards me at all," says James. "America knows who I like!" "All giggles aside," James admits to liking Natalie before kissing her. "I'm in a showmance!" James tells Da'Vonne who wants to cut the showmances. She reassures him that she's talking about Corey and Nicole and Paulie and Zakiyah. "Me and Natalie might be on the bottom of the list, but if you think about it, we are on your list!" James says in the diary room about Da'Vonne talking smack about the cuddling houseguests. "Especially James," Natalie says in her eviction speech about liking the other houseguests, especially the prankster from season 17.

It runs in the family. "She's emotional, just like her sister! He's a flirt just like his brother!" Julie Chen says about the siblings. "Obviously he didn't miss you" father Paul Calafiore tells Cody. "Paulie has the best chance to win because he's my brother!" Cody said of his older brother's shot at the grand prize. "Paulie is allowed to play his own game, but Tiffany isn't given the same respect," Vanessa says about the double standard. And she's right, due to her attachment to the professional poker player Tiffany's game is over. "The whole thing was a farse," Tiffany says about her feud with Frank being stirred by Da'Vonne. "I wouldn't be emotional!" she tells Chen about her game. "You are Vanessa's sister," Chen tells her, it's in your DNA." 

#GlennisRocky. Brendon Villegas wants to get the hashtag going, so let's do it. "If I get back in the house I'm going to be gunning for the vets," Glenn says after making eggs somewhere far, far away from the CBS lot. "She betrayed me," Jozea says about Da'Vonne. "I've been chilling with the birds," the self proclaimed messiah says about his time in sequester. Why does he want to win the money? "Your boy needs a new pair of Pradas." As for Victor he's out for vengeance to target Paulie. "Now I'm going to need to be in business of being brutal," says Bronte. "I am behind a stone. I am behind a tree. I am there" adds Jozea. And while Julie doesn't tell the houseguests about the "Battle Back" twist she clues the houseguests on more twists and secrets that will later be revealed. "Julie stop doing this to us," James tells the host. She quips back, "It's Big Brother, I can't."

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