'Big Brother 18': Third Evicted Houseguest Explains That Group Hug and Natalie's Diss

THR caught up with the third evicted houseguest of season 18.

When Big Brother 18's third evicted houseguest walked out the door, he was all smiles. New Orleans native Victor Arroyo made sure to give a laugh-out-loud eviction speech and plug his Instagram. He wasn't mad. He just lost $500,000 — and instead of yelling at the other houseguests, he asked them for one giant group hug.

Unfortunately, this happens way too often when Big Brother players get evicted. Besides the Chelsia Hart meltdown from season nine, superfans get little to no entertainment when a houseguest is voted out the door. So what was with that group hug, Victor? The Hollywood Reporter asked him about that, the diss from Natalie and which veteran does he think is the biggest threat. 

Natalie told you in her goodbye message that you need to be nicer, especially to women. Why do you think she said that?

Maybe what I said got lost in translation, but I never had intentions of being disrespectful or mean in any way. If she did feel that way, I’m sorry.

Which veteran do you think is the biggest threat? Why? 

Frank, because of the combination of his social game and his competitiveness. People love him in the house, and he’s a big threat.

Compared to Big Brother players who have played before you how do you think you rank? Why? 

I can be better in my social game, but in terms of competition, I have a good win percentage. I think James threw our last comp, which I think we could have won. I don’t know exactly where I fall. 

When Julie revealed the vote she said nine people voted to evict you. Why weren't you mad? You asked for a group hug. Why?

At the end of the day, we’re all people and it’s a game everyone’s trying to win, so I understand if they thought they were doing what was in their best interest. As for the group hug, I was just trying to be nice. I just wanted to hug Paul and get out of the house.


What did you think about that group hug? Do you wish houseguests fought with each other when walking out the door? Why did Natalie diss Victor? Was it that comment about her eating pizza and mac and cheese? Who do you think Bridgette will nominate for eviction? Is Frank really calling all the shots this week? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother

Big Brother's next episode airs on Sunday, at 8 p.m., on CBS where the new Head of Household nominates two houesguests and a third is nominated by the road kill winner.