'Big Brother 18': Will Victor Win America's Favorite Houseguest?

THR breaks down the top moments from this season's special eviction episode.
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"We are about to begin a surprise eviction episode," Big Brother host Julie Chen tells America and the remaining five houseguests, Victor, Nicole, Corey, James and Paul.

For Corey as head of household this week, he's guaranteed his spot in the final four. With Nicole's showmance in power, the fan favorite who has never been nominated just has to win the power of veto in order to keep her and Corey holding all the cards this week. 

For James, he just lost his showmance and while he could have become an easy target he may not only get to the final four, but also land a seat in the final three. For Paul, the most nominated houseguest this summer, if he keeps his cool not only can he be safe, he will also be one step closer to winning the game. As for Victor? If he gets evicted Thursday night it will be his third eviction of the summer. So will Victor be walking out the door once again? We'll soon find out.

But first, THR breaks down the most twisted moments from this season's latest eviction.  

"Momma raised a coward." After Corey makes a big move and betrays his final four deal with Victor and Paul by instead nominating them, he tells the two nominees "Momma didn't raise no bitch." That may be true, but Paul has another name for the college baseball player. "It looks like Momma raised a coward," Paul says about Corey who didn't look him and Victor in the eyes after nominating them. "I thought that this was a thing. I finally thought I had an alliance I can trust. Right now I can't see you guys as friends in the house," Victor tells Nicole and Corey. "If his attitude doesn't change, he's going home," Paul says of Victor's aggressive response to being back-stabbed. But it's not over until it's over and Paul is betting all of his friendship on winning the power of veto in order to keep one of them of them safe. "You bet your friendship I am," Paul says about wanting to win the "BB Comics" power of veto competition. Who doesn't win? Certainly not James who comes in last, "I got a memory like a fish," James says during the competition. His loss may be from his pit stop he takes to admire Natalie's poster. Who ended up winning the veto? Nicole comes through with the win and crushes her competition. 

"I love you man." In the final six this season, three duos outlasted the other 12 houseguests: Two showmances and one bromance. And out of the three couples who had the most genuine relationship? That would be this season's bromance, Paul and Victor. After Victor's eviction the two shared "I love yous" in what seemed more emotional than when Natalie left her showmance, James. "We meshed perfectly," Victor tells Chen about Paul. They're not the only ones who love eacvh other either. After the once "un-evictable" Victor, finally gets evicted he leaves the Big Brother house with a roaring applause, hinting that he may in fact win "America's Favorite Houseguest" this year. Does he have your vote? If not, he should. 

What the bleep? The hilarious head of household competition where clips from the season are shown to suggest the houseguests saying something that deserves a bleep is back. In season 17 this was the competition that last year's winner, Steve Moses ended up winning and who's this year's winner? Looks like your boy, Paul will be in the final three. So who will join him? All will be revealed in tomorrow night's second special eviction episode.

Will Victor win "America's Favorite Houseguest?" Who has your vote? And who do you think will win the game? Take THR's poll here. Chat about your pick in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother