'Big Brother 18': Who Will Win? (Poll)

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It's anyone's game.

On Big Brother season 16 it was clear from the beginning who was going to win the game: Derrick Levasseur. For Big Brother 17 many pegged professional poker player Vanessa Rousso as the winner; however, when it came down down to the end it seemed like everyone had an equal shot at winning the game. 

This season, while Paulie seemed like the frontrunner with a clear path to victory, that all changed when his game blew up. And he didn't take the nomination block well either. "It sucks you want to out like that," says Michelle about Paulie's sore-loser attitude after refusing to do his punishment and make apple pies. "I'm no longer the biggest baby in the house," she confessed. And it looks like the crying Calafiore who's afraid of butterflies is officially out of the running to win Big Brother

So, now, who's got the power? 

On Thursday night's episode, host Julie Chen revealed that the first five jurors will compete to get back in the game. But first, before the newest twist it's time to rank who currently has the best shot at taking the half million dollars home. 

7. Corey: What has the college baseball player's game really been besides cuddling with season-16 fan-favorite Nicole? After having power in the double eviction he could have used it to take out bigger targets like James, Victor or Paul, but instead chose to believe in the bromance and evict Bridgette. He may have survived this week's eviction, but if he and Nicole are targeted he'll face the same fate as Clay Honeycutt, Austin Matelson and Shane Meaney who were all voted out before their showmance

6. Victor: The competition beast who just made the biggest move this summer may soon be in trouble. By taking out Paulie, he now has Nicole and Corey ready for revenge. Yes, they can target James and Natalie, but would they really get rid of another showmance and make themselves even bigger targets? Same goes for James and Natalie as it may be in their best interest to keep Corey and Nicole and take a shot at Victor and Paul. Also, even if Paul and Victor make it to the final two they'll have to steamroll through the rest of the season and win every competition. And if they're are sitting in the final two together the jurors may not vote for Victor to win because, technically, while they all had one chance to play the game he was already voted out and had two. 

5. James: If the houseguests are smart they will not allow a showmance in the final four. But that's giving them a lot of credit, of course. The veteran prankster's gameplay this season has been mostly nonexistent, so his argument to the jury on why he should win may be tough to craft. Unless he and Natalie trade off winning every head of household for the rest of the summer, it doesn't look like two time's a charm for the self-proclaimed Asian hillbilly. And he's not the only one who gave up his game for a showmance this summer. 

4. Nicole: "I'm back and I'm more excited than ever! Last time I was here I got a little distracted by a boy, but I'm single and I'm ready to play for myself now," the returning player told America at the start of the game. In the premiere episode of this season, superfans were energized to root for her after she laid out her game plan in the diary room. But then, she decided to lay somewhere else, in bed with Corey. The blonde from Michigan's gameplay started to fumble when Frank called her out in front of the entire house. Soon after she grew more paranoid about Da'Vonne and decided to take her out instead of keeping the returning players together in an attempt to make it to the end. Can she still make it to the final two? Absolutely, they all still can. But let's send her some wise words she may have forgotten: "Stop playing Big Baby and start playing Big Brother."  

3. Natalie: If she makes it to the final two with James and Bridgette sitting in the jury she'll already have two votes to win the game, but will she make it there? If she and James are nominated together she could even go home before he does. If she does make it to the final two, she has one of the strongest arguments to win since she was the brains behind blowing up Paulie's game. She may not even realize how much power she has though and could get flustered in her finale-night speech. If she makes it to the final two and makes a speech that the whole jury will cheer for, the cheerleader has the check. If she doesn't make it there, though ,she may still get lucky by winning "America's Favorite Houseguest."

2. Michelle: She's not only one of the most entertaining houseguests this summer, but she's also one of the smartest. After surviving two evictions back to back after being target number one, the superfan was able to survive yet another eviction this week. With the help of Natalie and Bridgette in what looked to be the resurgence of the "Spy Girls" (sorry Bronte), she was able to blow up Paulie's game and remind him that he'll never be Derrick or Cody. She's sitting in the middle of three duos who will have to target each other before targeting her, leaving her with a shot at sneaking her way to finale night. And if history repeats herself she'll be big Meech with the speech once again, but this time instead of just being safe from eviction, she'll be $500,000 richer.  

1. Paul: Preseason predictions would not have put Paul and winner of Big Brother 18 in the same sentence, but expect the unexpected. After the bearded boy ended friendship with his "PP" alliance not only has he become more likable, but he also stands a solid chance of getting gold. If he sits next to Meech in the final two she could give him a run for his money, but if it's any of the other remaining houseguests sitting next to him on finale night he could easily be crowned this season's winner. 

Who do you think has the best shot at winning the game? Remember there's a difference between who you want to win and who will win. Cast your vote in THR's poll and chat about your pick in the comments section below. And stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother