The Winner of 'Big Brother 18' is Revealed

Big Brother Final Three - H - 2016
Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother season 18 finale aired Wednesday night and either James, Paul or Nicole walked away with the $500,000 grand prize.

So who walked away half a million dollars richer? What surprises did Julie Chen reveal about Big Brother: Over the Top?

Keep reading THR's last, twisted Big Brother recap to find out. 

A lion, a cat and a kitten. The cat styled first part of the head of household competition sees a lion (Paul), a cat or snake as most people call her, Nicole, and the kitten who didn't do much this summer, James. "Bring it," says James. "Even though I made a final two with Nicole and James, I don't trust either of them. I made a final two deal with myself," says Paul. "What's up? What's up? Call me the baddest cat in here," an excited Paul says after winning the first part of the head of household competition. James and Nicole both fell off at the same time. Meaning it's battle of the returners in round two. "I'm just really hoping this competition has to do with being smart because I'm kind of smart," says Nicole ahead of the second part of the competition. The competition is a mental and endurance hybrid and it's one long roller coaster. Who wins round two? That would be Nicole, or as Big Meech calls her the "snake." And who might she bring to the final two? "Strategically I can beat him because what has he done?" she says about James. 

The jury showdown. So what does the jury think about the final three? "Not getting blood on hands," Bridgette says about James' strongest asset to the game. But his season 17 comrade is not a fan. "Ew!" Da'Vonne says about the self proclaimed Asian hillbilly. "He was a medium player," Corey says about Paul. No friendship there. Corey what kind of player were you? Did you even play the game? "Paul the player is phenomenal," Da'Vonne says about her former "Big Sister" teammate. But the other jurors argue that he's not the greatest person. Michelle calls him Evel Dick Donato. "She took the easiest route," Natalie says about Nicole's gameplay. "That was a personal game move," Michelle says about Nicole taking her out. "Did you just come into the house not like her?" Dr. Will Kirby asks Michelle if she doesn't like Nicole because of personal reason. And then Michelle bursts into tears after arguing with Corey. "I can't believe I'm building my case for Nicole!" Da'Vonne adds saying that the boys were the puppets and Nicole was the puppet master. In fact she says they were all Pinocchio and Nicole was Geppetto

Paul vs. Nicole. After Paul wins the final HoH he decides to take Nicole to the final two. And Da'Vonne can't stop laughing when she sees the final evictee, James. "That was spicy!" Pauls says about his first jury question during the interrogation from Natalie, Paulie, Da'Vonne, Bridgette, James, Corey, Michelle, Victor and Zakiyah. After the questions from the one's who will vote on the winner, Paul gave the best answers whereas Nicole didn't own her game once again. Were Paul's answers enough for friendship forever and $500,000? The answer is, no. Nicole is the newest winner of Big Brother. And Victor won "America's Favorite Houseguest."

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