'Big Brother 18': "I Gave It My Best Like Rachel [Reilly]," Second Juror Says

THR talked to this season's second juror.

Normally in Big Brother when a houseguest's showmance is on the nomination block, they save them. But, unfortunately for season 18's Zakiyah, Paulie is no Brendon Villegas.

While Villegas used the power of veto to sacrifice his game and save his now-wife, Rachel Reilly, in season 13, Paulie left Zakiyah sitting on the block for Thursday's eviction. Although he was confident she would stay in the game, his risk had no reward and the North Carolina native was sent packing. So is Zakiyah "pissed"? The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the evictee, and the second juror, to get the scoop.  

Before you entered the game you told me you were fans of both North Carolina natives, Rachel Reilly and Jordan Lloyd. How do you think your game compared to theirs?

I don't think my game compared to theirs in any way. I think I was somewhere in the middle: low-key like Jordan and I gave it my best like Rachel. I wish I could have beast-ed it out in competitions like Rachel, but I had to compete the best way I could in the house. 

Are you team Paulie or Natalie? Who do you really believe? Why?

I feel like certain things Natalie was saying had some truth to it but I am team Paulie all the way. When Natalie wanted to tell me info the night before, seems like there are some ulterior motives there. Clearly it worked, but I don't trust anything she says. 

Who do you think will be sitting in the final two this season? Why?

I think maybe Paulie and Corey. That would be great. Two people that I can say I respected in the game and I like both of them. 

Who definitely does not have your vote to win the game if they’re sitting in the final two? Why?

Victor because he put me up, Natalie because she had everything to do with me leaving this week, Michelle because she is shady for avoiding me before I left, Bridgette because she is the mastermind, Paul because he put the bug in Victor's ear to put me up and James because he let his girl run the show and ultimately get me out of the house. I hope to see them all very soon in Jury.

Are you team Natalie or Paulie? Is Zakiyah like Rachel and Jordan? Will Corey and Paulie be sitting in the final two or are they about to get nominated? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother