'Big Brother 19': A Fight Breaks Out After Nominations (Exclusive Video)

One of the biggest rivalries on Big Brother 19 has been between players Cody Nickson and Paul Abrahamian.

Now, on day 45 the feud between them has reached a new high. 

After Paul decided to nominated Cody and his showmance Jessica Graf in Sunday's episode, the couple wanted some answers from the returning player. 

"This week means nothing," Cody tells Paul in The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive video from Wednesday night's episode. 

What Cody means is that although Paul was able to nominate them, the showmance will remain in the house come Thursday night due to Jessica's "Halting Hex," which will stop the live eviction in its tracks.

And the fight between the two escalates as Cody calls out Paul for treating the other houseguests like "dogs." This fight first broke out on the CBS All Access Live Feeds, and in order to edit the constant use of "fuck" tossed around fans can expect a lot of bleeps.

Paul called Cody an "emotional pussy" for getting in his face, and Cody fired back by telling him that he was just "a character on a TV show." 

This fight has since continued on the Live Feeds, where at one point viewers and alumni called out the players for bullying Cody and Jessica. The bullying that Cody and Jessica faced is sure to air on Thursday's episode, but for now take a look at Wednesday night's sneak peek above. 


Are you team Paul or Cody? How do you think Jessica using the Halting Hex on Thursday will shake up the game? And who is your favorite houseguest this season? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother

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