'Big Brother 19': Second Evictee Talks Trying to Play the Game Like a Former Winner

On Big Brother, a lot of times new houseguests try to emulate the games of past players.

For the latest evictee in season 19, Jillian Parker, trying to play like former winner Rachel Reilly just wasn't in the cards.

"I was planning on playing like Rachel, but since I was always on the block, I was never comfortable enough to truly express how I feel," Jillian tells The Hollywood Reporter.

One player who was able to express how she felt was Jillian's block buddy, Christmas Abbott. By calling out her enemies, Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, Christmas was able to seal her safety, but that left Jillian walking out the front doors.

Below, Jillian opens up to THR about why her opponent's speech made her nervous, who she would target if she gets back in the game and more.

You had to follow Christmas' speech, in which she called out Jessica and Cody. Did following her make you nervous at all, and did you think about doing the same?

Yeah, following Christmas, I was nervous. I'm not really good with speeches. I was afraid if I called people out and I stayed, it would ruin my game. I was planning on calling them out and [taking] that approach, but decided to go with the nicer approach and end on a good note.

Before you entered the game, you said your favorite past players were Daniele Donato and Rachel Reilly. How do you think your game compares to theirs?

Well, I really like Rachel and that she does speak her mind. But honestly, playing in the house is very hard because I was on the block since Day One. I was planning on playing like Rachel, but since I was always on the block, I was never comfortable enough to truly express how I feel. I only got to play in a couple of challenges and didn't get a chance to dominate or show my strength, which sucked.

Who do you think America wanted to see go home tonight, you or Christmas? Why?

I don't know, watching. I was hoping they would feel bad for me for everything I'd been through and, having been on the block every day, that they would want Christmas to go home, not me.

If you were still in the house, who would you target? Why?

If I were still in the house, at this current moment, I would want to target Paul, but since he has safety, I would target Mark and Dominique. Mark is playing a few sides, and I just want to put them on blast.

When Julie Chen revealed the eviction votes, you appeared shocked. What about the results surprised you the most?

I thought for sure it would have been a tie. We talked about the votes a million times, literally. It would be a tie, and Cody would send Christmas home. When she said 8-4, I couldn't believe they played me.

Which houseguest did you have the most trouble connecting with this summer? Why?

Probably Dominique. She's always acting weird towards me, and it's always awkward.

Who currently has the best shot at going far in the game?

Kevin! Everyone loves him, and he's hilarious. He's such a nice guy, and he's going to go pretty far.

Do you think Kevin has the best shot at making it to the end? Why do you think Jillian and Dominique couldn't connect? Sound off in the comments section below, and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother.