'Big Brother 19': Eighth Juror Sends a Message to His Family

"I miss them now as I speak," Kevin Schlehuber tells THR.
Courtesy of 'Big Brother'
Kevin Schlehuber and Julie Chen

The end is near for Big Brother season 19, and unfortunately for the latest evictee Kevin Schlehuber, he won't be walking away $500,000 richer. 

"If I could have talked to the jury; I could have swayed the vote," Kevin tells The Hollywood Reporter about how he would win if he made it to the end.

This summer, the series witnessed a great deal of fights and drama, as well as a mob mentality of bullying that many fans did not agree with. One thing mostly everyone could agree on, however, is Kevin, a fan-favorite who also won $25,000 on night one.

He may even win another $25,000 if he gets voted "America's Favorite Houseguest," as it will likely be him or underdog Cody Nickson. 

So, would Kevin ever play the game again? Below, the 56-year-old Boston native talks with THR about that and more. 

You spoke a lot to your family throughout the show. What's a message you want to say to them right now?

That I love them and miss them so much. Every minute of the day. I hope they're not upset I took the summer away from them when I went on the show. My son is now a senior in high school and my daughter is a freshman in college, and I missed all of that. I hope they are proud of me. I hope they see that I worked my social game and that's important in life. I hope they heard me talking to them and saying that I loved them. I miss them now as I speak.

If you had made it to the final three, do you think you would have won the game? Who would you have taken to the final two?

If I made it, I think I had a 33 percent chance of winning, better than 25 percent. If I could have talked to the jury I could have swayed the vote. I never put anyone on the block or took anyone off. I didn't have any enemies that I knew of... I was the pawn in some strategies, but I think I could have gone well in the jury vote. In a perfect world, it would have been me and Paul since I thought we were friends. It would have been interesting.

You battled with Alex inside the house. Do you see a friendship between her being possible when the show is over? Why or why not?

I'm not like that. I'm going to be friends with everybody. Realistically, she's 28 years old living in California. I'm 56 years old living in Boston. I'd stay in contact and be polite. Alex was one of the best players. I never knew what brought on the problems. I think she baited me, but I wasn't too aggressive. It's a game, it's done, and I don't see how being upset serves a purpose. If they don't want to talk it's up to them.

You got to meet Zingbot this season. Give a zing to three houseguests of your choice.

I gave nicknames to all of them. The Incredible Sulk was my nickname for Mark. Josh is the Mouth of the South, the Miami Sound Machine. He was never quiet. Paul was the Tasmanian Devil. I don't know what to say about Jason, he's a character — the Midnight Cowboy.

Would you ever play the game again and how would you play differently?

Absolutely. I told them no, but it was all a strategy. If I played again I'd be more prepared in understanding the game, watching previous shows, previous houseguests. I didn't know who people were when previous ones came in. I would be more about the history of the show, the games, the competitions, to get an idea. Everyone else seemed to know what was going on and I didn't. I'd be a better student of the game.

Does Kevin have your vote for "America's Favorite Houseguest" or are you voting for Cody? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to the Live Feed for some Big Brother finale week surprises coming your way.