'Big Brother 19': Fourth Juror Admits to Lack of Gameplay

Big Brother Exit Interview Matthew Clines - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of CBS

Every year, thousands of applicants try out to be on the CBS reality competition series Big Brother.

Some are superfans, and others are looking for some exposure and more Instagram followers. Regardless, every season, about 16 contestants sign up for the series and a chance at winning the $500,000 grand prize. What would you do if you got that same opportunity? Would you do everything possible to fight to make it to the finale?

In the case of season 19's most recent evictee, Matt Clines, many viewers have argued that he never really played the game at all.

Most recently, there was an outcry from fans and alumni about Matt breaking Big Brother rules and showing disrespect to the game, series, fans and hopefuls who never got their shot at fighting for half a million dollars.

However, Matt tells The Hollywood Reporter, "It was not my intention to show poor sportsmanship." Because of his actions in the house, many fans also pointed out the lack of applause the audience sent his way after his eviction.

It was far less than the applause for fan-favorite Cody Nickson. The difference between the two players? For Cody, playing Big Brother was a nonstop battle, and for Matt, it was a lot more like a summer vacation.

Cody played the game to the best of his ability, and that's what fans of the summer staple root for every season. According to polls on sites like the long-running fan site Joker's Updates, although Cody lost $500,000, he'll likely win the $25,000 prize for "America's Favorite Houseguest."

Below, Matt defends his actions and lack of gameplay and previews what a future with his showmance partner Raven Walton may look like.

Do you feel like you really played Big Brother? Explain. 

Yeah! I did exactly what I wanted to do. My game plan was to not make any big moves and chill. There were a lot of players this season I felt overplayed the game and got themselves into a lot of trouble. I was one move away from final seven, and if I did that, I would have made final six. For me, it was the best gameplay.

What would you say was your biggest game move?

My biggest game move was aligning with Raven. From a game and strategy perspective, I didn’t do a lot, so aligning with Raven and Paul.

Do you think breaking the have-not rules showed poor sportsmanship at all? Why or why not?

I hope not. My full intention there was to give Raven the opportunity to stay. It was not my intention to show poor sportsmanship.

When you exited the house to the live audience, did you expect a louder applause?

I honestly don’t know how loud or unloud it was, relative to other houseguests.

What does the future look like for you and Raven once the show is over?

We’re definitely going to hang out. We have pretty cool plans set up, and we’ll see what happens! Impossible to tell right now, but we’ll have to see after the show.

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