'Big Brother 19': Fifth Evictee Talks Letting Superfans Down

Big Brother Still Ramses Soto - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of CBS

Getting to play Big Brother is a dream come true for the millions of superfans tuning in every year. 

On season 19, superfan-turned-contestant Ramses Soto wasn't able to win the $500,000 prize and was shown the door before making it to the jury house.

"I let the superfans down," Ramses tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Below, the youngest player this season opens up to THR further about what went wrong, how he planned on targeting one of this year's front-runners, Paul, and more. 

Why weren't you able to solidify an alliance with anyone?

I had so many lies about me roaming the house, which impeded people from wanting to trust me. I spent my entire time in the house trying to convince people that I truly was truthful and loyal. By the time I wanted to flip over to the other side because I could see a majority forming, everyone already had close game ties with each other, and my friends just kept getting voted off. I really tried to form game connections with other houseguests like Dominique, Matt and Raven, but as we can see that didn't work out. 

How well do you think you did in terms of representing the superfans watching the game? 

I let the superfans down. Although I campaigned for my safety to Jess and the houseguests after noms and veto, I could have campaigned more to convince Jess [to use] the veto on me. 

If you gained power, were you ever going to target Paul?

Absolutely! I thought I was the only person in there that could see Paul for the strong player he is. I was constantly plotting against him in my head because I couldn't confide that info with anyone in the house. I should have taken a leap of faith and told Jody about my plans to get him out. I would have loved to put Christmas and Paul up, but I don't know if that would guarantee Paul's eviction. 

If it weren't Paul playing as a vet this season, which other player from last season would you have liked to play against? Why?

I would have loved to see Victor from season 18 or Alex from Big Brother: Over the Top. Me and Alex have a lot in common, we're nerds and superfans, which would have helped us bond. And Victor and I could have had a Latino alliance!

Who right now is playing the best game and who is playing the worst? Why?

The worst is Matt and Raven. Game-wise it would have been obviously better to keep me in there to help them advance in the game, but Paul's minions are loyal. The best is Elena, Paul and Kevin. They are all very smart, have great social games and will do anything it takes to help them advance in the game.

Is Raven actually a good cook? Fans have pointed out that her food looked suspicious. 

Very suspicious.

As a superfan, how emotional are you about not making it to jury? Do you think you'll ever be brought back to play again? 

It really sucks not to be part of the jury! I wanted to be able to influence the vote towards the person who truly played the best game all around. I would love to be brought back because I feel I was used as a scapegoat for all of the lies in the house and I spent my time every day trying to convince people that my word was my bond. But when the entire house is in agreement about an accusation, it's very hard to convince them otherwise. I couldn't even make strong moves because I spent my time trying to prove that I was truthful. Those lies that were put on me didn't allow me to form strong game relationships, because why would anyone want to work with someone who is "untrustworthy"? 

Do you think Ramses disappointed all of the superfans watching? Why is Raven's cooking so suspicious? And what would this season look like if Alex Willett and Victor Arroyo were playing? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother.