'Big Brother 19' Winner Opens Up About His Emotional Journey

Big Brother 19 Finale 2 - Publicity - H 2017
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother season 19's Josh Martinez may be known for his crying in the game, but now that won't be the only notable thing to remember him by. 

The Miami native, and one of the standout personalities of the summer, made his way to become the latest winner of the longtime CBS reality series. 

"I never thought somebody like me would get picked to be in this house," Josh told The Hollywood Reporter moments after his crowning achievement. 

Below, he talks further with THR about how he was able to win the game, what made him emotional and whether or not he considers himself a bully. 

Why do you think Christmas voted for Paul over you?

I don't know! Maybe she thought I was going to take her. I love those two. They're my friends for life. They're stuck with me.

Do you think you had a lot of alumni support this season? 

I don't think I did because the game Paul played was epic. He's going down in history. Give him respect for that. If me being myself you don't like, then whatever. I don't need you in my life.

The jury asked Paul about bullying this season. Do you feel like you were a bully? And do you think you were bullied at all?

I was very straightforward and very honest with people, and a lot of people respected that. I was calling people on their bluff and their bullshit. I could be perceived as a bully, but a lot of people came at me with personal things. I hit them with game and straight facts. 

What made you so emotional in the game?

Thinking about my family every second and why I was playing. I was playing for them. My family is my world. I played with a heavy heart, so having them in the back of my mind, I couldn't disconnect. And I was emotional because it was hard. It was the first time I was secluded and I was living my dream. I never thought somebody like me would get picked to be in this house. I applied three times, and now I won.

Why did the pots and pans go away? Did production tell you to stop?

You're smart (laughs). No, I just thought it was done. I did it to throw people off in their game. 

Why do you think Cody won "America's Favorite Houseguest"?

Because he had the whole house against him ,and the strength him and Jessica had. And everybody likes a good showmance. Props to them. He earned it. Good for him!

Where was your showmance?

(Laughs) I didn't have a showmance! Listen, I'm a goofball and I'm a flirt, but I didn't want a showmance. Elena drove me nuts. She's a dime and she's gorgeous, but I didn't want a showmance because I knew I would get caught up in it. I came in to win, I didn't come to fall in love on Big Brother

Who was the biggest meatball this season?

The biggest meatball is Mark! I didn't understand him voting for me. Now I know he saw that I was straightforward. I didn't go behind your back and play you. I think he respected that, and I think Cody respected that. 

Were you Team Friendship or Pots and Pans? And what was your favorite moment from the season? Sound off in the comments section below.