'Big Brother 19' Winner Is Crowned

Josh Martinez, Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott - Split - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of CBS

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Big Brother season finale.]

Big Brother season 19 brought a slew of blindsides, backstabbing and betrayal, and now it's time to see who won it all.

All season Paul Abrahamian was the frontrunner as he ruled the game and played puppet master to a house full of followers. So, did the season 18 runner-up pull out a win his second time around? 

The answer is: no.

The finale saw Paul sit in the final three with Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez. And Josh came out victorious in one of the most "volatile" seasons of the show, as host Julie Chen described it.

It was a shock to some that the Miami native walked away this season with a lot more than just meatballs, but one thing that wasn't a shock was how angry the jury felt towards Paul. 

In the jury segment that was full of bitter members it was one of the most entertaining moments of the summer with a face-off between fan-favorite Mark and the one deemed as a piece of furniture by fans, Matt. 

"Very poor jury management," Mark said about Paul. "I'm a bitter juror," admitted Elena. "I don't respect how this season played out and I don't respect his strategies," said Mark. And when Alex went to cast her vote for who she wanted to win she made it clear that she was voting for who stabbed her in the front rather than the back.  

Ultimately the final vote came down to both Paul and Josh's rival Cody, who ultimately voted for Josh to win the game. 

As for the winner of "America's Favorite Houseguest"? Cody just walked away $25,000 richer.

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