'Big Brother 19': Zingbot Returns and Takes Aim at President Trump (Exclusive Video)

Big Brother fan favorite Zingbot is back and this time he's president.

"President Zingbot is here, bitches," he tells the season 19 cast in The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive video from Wednesday's episode.

He then fires off a zing, but it's not to the current houseguests. Making fun of the real president, Donald Trump, Zingbot quips, "Who would have thought a robot who got his start on a reality show could become the president?" 

And although Zingbot now has all the power since his election in season 18 where he promised to, "Make America Zing Again!" not everyone in the house knows who he is.

Says Kevin in the video, "Why is everyone bowing to this robot? I'm not going to bow to you Zingbot. I don't bow to anybody especially no robot." 

Superfan Josh, however, sings a different tune, "You made it to Zingbot! This is the highlight of my summer and I can't wait for him to zing me." That might all change though once Josh gets his zing. 

As for one of the zing's revealed in the above preview it's for returning player Paul Abrahamian. Zingbot tells him, "Last season you taught me so much. . . how to have friendship, how to be pissed and how to lose half a million dollars. Zing!" 

Check out the full video above and sound off in the comments section below about who you think will get the funniest zing on Wednesday night's episode. And make sure to stay tuned to the The Live Feed for all things Big Brother