'Big Brother 20' Winner Is Crowned in Season Finale

Did JC Mounduix, Kaycee Clark or Tyler Crispen win the game?
Johnny Vy/CBS copyright 2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc.

The Big Brother finale has arrived, and the winner has finally been crowned. 

For the milestone 20th season of the reality series, it has been a summer of epic new competitions, a divided house, power shifts, blindsides and one of the most entertaining casts to ever play the game. 

So, who was the winner in what viewers have called one of the best seasons to air? Congratulations, Kaycee Clark. 

In the final three, it came down to Kaycee, JC Mounduix and Tyler Crispen. Kaycee decided to stick to her "Level Six" and final two alliance with Tyler and take him until the final two. 

Before the final two made their plea to the jury of their peers, who voted for the winner, it was a balanced debate where the peers agreed that any of the final three houseguests were, in fact, worthy of taking home the win. 

For fan-favorite Angela Rummans, her answer was easy: "The person that should win the game is the person that made the moves," she said of her showmance, Tyler.

Bayleigh Dayton asked, "Are you saying this because you're in a secret showmance with Tyler?" But she too agreed with her rival in the game: "Tyler made many mistakes in the game and he still prevailed ... Some of the best Big Brother players are evil people."

In their pleas on why they should win the game, Kaycee argued that: "I knew my social game was going to take me very, very far." And it did with many of the jury members rewarding her for her social game and her ability to not upset anyone when they left the game. 

And although the jury didn't vote for Tyler to win the game, he was still awarded with the $50,000 runner-up prize and America voted for him as this season's "Favorite Houseguest," putting an extra $25,000 in his wallet.

As for Bayleigh and her showmance with Swaggy C Williams, they walked away with love after getting engaged live during the finale.  

Big Brother will return for its celebrity edition in early 2019 and is expected to return next summer for season 21.