'Big Brother 20': First Evictee Predicts This Season's Winner

THR chats with this summer's oldest houseguest about his time in the game.
Sonja Flemming/CBS
'Big Brother'

CBS' Big Brother has sent its first houseguest of season 20 packing.

After host Julie Chen revealed the 7-6 vote at this summer's first live eviction, it was the oldest contestant, 40-year-old Steve Arienta, who got the boot.

"When Julie said, 'Steve, you have been evicted,' I was really about to say, 'You got that wrong. I think you meant Sam,'" the New Jersey native tells The Hollywood Reporter after his eviction. "It shocked me."

With Steve's eviction, it also means that houseguest Sam's power app is still in play and has potential to change the game. So what if Steve had won the power app? Would he have remained in the game? And who does he think will walk away from season 20 with the $500,000 grand prize? Below, Steve talked to THR further about his short stay in the Big Brother house and who he thinks will win it all. 

Even after Julie revealed the vote count, did you still think you were the one staying in the game?

When Julie said, "Steve, you have been evicted," I was really about to say, "You got that wrong. I think you meant Sam." It shocked me. 

The summer of Steve is officially over. What will this season be the summer of?

The summer of the beasts! You've got two competing factions in that house that are going to go toe-to-toe. You've got Fess and Swaggy and the bros, and I can't wait to see the missiles that are going to be fired back and forth.

Which side will win? 

Swaggy and Fess have the athletic talent to win, and the bros have a little bit more strategy of how they'll play. But Scottie is going to come out of the blue, riding in the end and win it. He's an awesome strategist, a great guy and loyal to the bone. 

You know Scottie was the one to vote you out right?

No, I did not know that. 

I'm joking!

Oh, my gosh. That would have been shell-shock times 10 right there! (Laughs.) You got me good. 

Besides Scottie, who has the best shot at winning the game?

Sam and Angela, because both of them have tremendous social abilities to keep people close and athletic ability to pull it out. 

Did you know Sam had the power app this week? 

I believe that Angela had the power app, but Fess, Swaggy and Rockstar are convinced Brett has the power app. Nobody really knows. (Laughs.)

Sam had it.

Sam had the power app? What was it?

It was a bonus life, so if she was evicted, she would have a chance to get back in the game. 

(Laughs.) So it wouldn't have mattered! I got it. 

Knowing the other titles of the power apps — the Re-Draw, the Bonus Life, the Upgrade, the Cloud and Identity Theft — which one would you have picked if you were the most trending last week?

Identity Theft. I think you'd be able to switch spots with somebody in the house, like the head of household.

Which houseguest did you have the toughest time connecting with? 

Rachel and Angela. I just don't have a lot in common with them. The toughest person talking strategy with was JC. He's either very cagey or was being strategic. Every time I tried to talk game with him, it was like trying to catch a cloud. It was really not going anywhere. 

Who has the worst shot at winning the game?

Rachel has the hardest shot right now. She's floating and part of the bro alliance, but the bros are really mean to her. They don't take her very seriously. 

Did any of your fellow houseguests remind you of former players?

Fessy reminds me of Beast Mode. I see Angela as Janelle. She's going to be a beast with physical competitions. And I see Scottie being very similar to Ian.  

Big Brother airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.