'Big Brother 20' Winner Talks Historic Finale and When She Knew She'd Win the Game

Winner Kaycee Clark Big Brother Finale - Publicity - H 2018
Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother season 20 finale was a night of firsts. 

Viewers witnessed a proposal on finale night when Swaggy C Williams got down on one knee for Bayleigh Dayton. 

There was a former White House staffer in attendance. Superfan of the show, and former contestant herself (after appearing on Celebrity Big Brother), Omarosa Manigault Newman sat proudly in the audience and even stuck around for a few photo ops with the cast. 

Then Kaycee Clark and JC Mounduix made it the first time ever that two gay contestants made it to the final three on Big Brother.

Kaycee was ultimately named the winner, making her the first lesbian to win the game. 

"Being full lesbian, with tattoos and into sports I was just different than what they've seen in past seasons," she tells The Hollywood Reporter the morning after her walking away with the winning title and $500,000. 

The fan-favorite season featured non-stop gameplay from a standout cast of characters. Below Kaycee looks back at the season, reveals when she knew she could beat Tyler Crispen and what's next for the former pro football player. 

Let's go! Huge congrats on your win. 

Let's go! I get so hyped when I say it. 

Do you remember when I first interviewed you and I kept asking how you were so calm. How did you remain so calm in the game? What were some moments that really got to you?

Just as a person I am really calm and laid back and it takes a lot for me to blow up. That's what helped me throughout the house. But I wanted to blow up when I knew people were lying to my face like Scottie and Haleigh just being extra and fake around me. There was so much I wanted to say, but I knew that I had to bite my tongue. Less is more and you don't want to blow up.

You blew when Rockstar called you out as being the hacker. What got to you there?

I was already irritated with Rockstar. It made it easier. She always irritated me! And after blowing up no one questioned me. That's what I wanted. 

On the live feeds you said that you were told in casting that there's never been a player like you. What do you think they meant?

Being full lesbian, with tattoos and into sports I was just different than what they've seen in past seasons.

You made history on finale night. 

It's so huge to be the first lesbian to win the game. It still hasn't hit me. 

When in the game did you realize that you could win it all?

I knew being in level six and how strong we were that we'd get far. I didn't start playing in vetoes until the middle of the season, but when I got to play I said, "We're in control week after week." And being able to ride the rest of the way was because of my social game. 

Was there anyone from night one that you thought you were going to align with that you're glad you didn't?

I was thinking [I'd align with] Swaggy. For some weird reason he was just a guy I would hang out with outside of the house. He had good vibes. Definitely thankful I did not team up with him! It worked out exactly how it was supposed to. 

Do you think you'll be invited to Swaggy and Bayleigh's wedding? 

(Laughs!) I have no idea! Maybe Bayleigh will invite me. I would definitely go. 

Which alumni that you met was your favorite?

Jess, Cody, Dani! And I liked Josh a lot more than I expected. I loved his energy. 

You were loyal throughout the game. Was it intentional not to make any enemies?

I wanted to stay as loyal and true to myself as much as possible. And I wanted to stay low from the very beginning. It's crazy how everything worked out as how I wanted to play the game. 

Was there anyone on the jury whose vote surprised you?

I was worried about Sam's vote! I know Tyler thought he had Scottie's vote, but me and Scottie were really close. After Tyler was telling him that he was good it just rubbed Scottie the wrong way. 

Did you realize that you could beat Tyler in the end?

Yes, that's exactly what I knew (laughs). He was getting a lot of blood on his hands. I didn't. I was trying to be as physical as possible and he had the master plans. But I wanted to keep it simple. The house was already going crazy and I wasn't going to stop him from getting blood on his hands! And he did an amazing job, but I knew people weren't liking him. 

If he won the final head of household and brought JC to the final two, whom would you have voted for to win?

I probably would have still voted for him.

What did you learn about yourself this season?

I recently was able to start opening up. I keep a lot of my feelings to myself and it's hard to really hide it in that house. I learned that it's OK to have feelings and be super vulnerable and not overthink that. 

If Tyler and Angela compete on The Amazing Race, whom from this season will you take as your partner? 

(Laughs!) Rachel. It would be funny. Rachel is a competitor and would be down to do whatever. I was thinking JC too, but he's such a princess and he's not going to do it. That would be a nightmare. 

What are you doing with the grand prize money?

I need some new gel (laughs). I want to help out my family and whatever I can do to make life easier for them. And I want to travel with my family and friends and just enjoy life. 

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