'Big Brother 20': Fifth Evictee Talks Blindside Exit and Alliance Betrayal

Rachel Swindler opens up about her closest ally in the game deciding to turn against her.
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother 20's latest eviction was yet another live show full of blindsides and betrayal.

This season's fifth evicted houseguest, Rachel Swindler, fell victim to both after "Level Six" — her alliance with Angela Rummans, Brett Robinson, Kaycee Clark and Tyler Crispen — decided to vote her out of the game.

And although she didn't make it to the jury and won't decide on who wins this season, Swindler has plenty to say about the frenemies who turned their backs on her — particularly Rummans, with whom she had become closest in the house. 

"Angela, I may have been irrelevant week two, but you've been irrelevant all season," the Las Vegas entertainer tells The Hollywood Reporter after her eviction, adding, "I can't wait to talk to her on finale night, and I will be having all of my speeches ready."

Below, Big Brother's latest evictee talks further with THR about what went wrong, wanting to expose her alliance and why she believes Rummans likely won't win the game. 

You better go!]

(Laughs.) You better go! Well, I went alright! I got right out of there. 

You didn't get to say your catchphrase to anyone — and you stormed out last night without saying anything at all. What would you have said to them?

What I wish I would have done is got up, looked Angela and Kaycee in their faces and say, "Did you vote to keep me? Did you vote to keep me? Did you vote to keep me?!" And then see what they would have said. I should have said, "Alright, who voted to keep me? Say it right now!" And then outed everybody right there [and said], "Don't trust Tyler, Angela, Brett and Kaycee. They're in an alliance called Level Six. I was in it. Boom. Bye."

Why didn't you?

I wish I did! But I didn't want to out their game if I didn't know it was them. And that's what Brett's speech was about — to throw me off so I didn't throw any bombs before I left. And that's why they didn't tell me because I would have outed them if I had known. 

Brett had that speech planned. If you made your speech after him, would you have called them out? Did you say anything during the commercial break?

Probably. I should have known with his speech that my alliance had something to do with it, but I thought it was just Brett's last ditch effort to save himself. I didn't think they were voting against me. 

What was your take on the furniture in the house this season?

The furniture? (Laughs.) Well, the geometry room was really uncomfortable.

The "furniture" is what fans call Angela and Kaycee. 

(Laughs.) That's hilarious. That makes me really happy. They don't do anything. They're both boring. Angela, I may have been irrelevant week two, but you've been irrelevant all season.

What was the cause of this instant flip against you?

I felt like we were genuine friends. I don't know why she all of a sudden would not trust me. When you flip on somebody off of nothing, she should have went to me if there was something she didn't understand. I don't understand her. 

You voted with Level Six every week. Is there anyone that was evicted that you wish you kept?

Winston would have been influenced by anything Brett said, so they couldn't be in the house together. But I wish I got rid of Brett instead of Winston. And I wanted Kaitlyn [Herman] to stay in the house. She was a tornado. 

Which evicted houseguest do you plan on calling first?

Winston! Definitely Winston, then Kaitlyn. 

Tyler is the puppet master this season. Did you have any plans to take him out and will anyone really target him?

After the conversation with Bayleigh [Dayton], I really started to distrust Tyler and thought that if I won HoH (Head of Household), I would put up Tyler and Scottie. But I wanted to trust my alliance and then talked to Tyler and felt bad. I still needed my alliance. I still needed his vote. I didn't tell Tyler what Bayleigh's power was. But I said, "You will know why I trusted her so much."

And now the whole house knows about her power.

And now the whole house knows! Part of me thought, "Is Bayleigh in on this?" But then I thought, "Why would she want her power revealed to the house?"

Tyler has a power app.


He has the cloud. Before a nomination ceremony or a power of veto ceremony, he can make sure he's safe. 


If you made it to the jury and it was Tyler and Angela in the end, who would you vote for?

Tyler. I would not vote for Angela. She's furniture. She is irrelevant. She lives an irrelevant life and it's boring. She tells me what she does every day and it's model, sleep, eat healthy, work out. She told me a guy that she went out with said she reminded him of a Persian cat and is lazy. She's just not a good person. She's a Persian cat this season. She does nothing. If she makes it to final two, I will be so pissed. I don't think that she will win the show and that anyone would vote for her. She comes off too snooty in the house. I can't wait to talk to her on finale night and I will be having all of my speeches ready.

Who do you think will win?

I'm rooting for Sam [Bledsoe]! She might win "America's Favorite."

Who from the other side of the house do you wish you spent more time with?

Haleigh [Broucher] and Fessy [Shafaat]. I did not like Rockstar at all when I first came into the house.

She's one of my favorites.

She's your favorite?! I wanted nothing to do with her and she's your favorite! As time went on, though, I started liking her. She started making me laugh. I really hope anyone wins besides Brett and Angela. 

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