'Big Brother 20': Third Juror Reveals Who He Wants Evicted Next

Big Brother_Scottie Salton - Publicity - H 2018
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother season 20 is gearing up to give an evicted player a second chance. 

On Thursday, the jury made up of Bayleigh Dayton, Rockstar Lantry, Scottie Salton and the upcoming evictee will face off in a "Jury Battle Back" and another shot at the $500,000 grand prize. 

Salton, who was evicted by the first and only unanimous vote this season, already had a plan up his sleeve if he was able to win some control in the house.

The Illinois native tells The Hollywood Reporter, "I would have put JC and Brett on the block. Brett because I don't trust the guy, and JC because for some reason no one wants to touch him." 

So, will his plan stay the same if he gets back in the game?

Below, the 26-year-old shipping manager talks to THR about his time in the house and who he wants to see evicted next. 

Is there anything you could have done or said earlier in the week for Fessy to not nominate you? If so, what? 

Going back, I would not have gone to Haleigh and Fess right after the comp. I wouldn't have raised my hand in the HOH meeting. I thought they were my partners; nothing could go wrong. I would have changed my faith in my partners.

If you weren't evicted this week, who did you plan on targeting if you received power? Why?

I would have put JC and Brett on the block. Brett, because I don't trust the guy. And JC, because for some reason no one wants to touch him. He would play differently if I made him sweat up on the block.

What do you think Bayleigh and Rockstar's reaction will be to you entering the jury house?

Rockstar is not going to be happy. Bayleigh is going to be very not happy because I am wearing a Swaggy shirt and she is going to think that is shady. They won't be too surprised I got evicted because I was a wild card in the house. People were nervous if I won HOH that they would be in trouble. 

Who would you like to see join you in the jury house, and who do you think will actually be evicted after you?

I would like Fess to be evicted. Who I actually think... depending on who wins, it legitimately might be Haleigh, but I don't know how strong her relationship with Tyler and Angela is. Haleigh and Brett are the most likely to come in next, but I'd like it to be Fess.

Do you feel like you played this game more offensively or defensively? 

I did not play offensively. I had a big mouth, but I wasn't aggressive with my game plans and strategies. I relied on my social skills too much, and we are at that point in the game where that doesn't matter. People only want to keep you around for their own game now.

Which week in the house was your favorite and least favorite? 

This would be my least favorite week for obvious reasons. My favorite week in the house would have to be one of my weeks with Steve. 

As a superfan of the game how do you think your season ranks compared to others? 

I don't like the term superfan. Everyone is super. I have no clue where my season ranks. It's not something I think about or care about. Hopefully it's not one of the worst ones, that would be a bummer. At the end of the day, I was there for a game. Everything outside of that is inconsequential to me.

Are you rooting for Scottie to win the battle back? Who has the best shot at getting back in the game? Sound off in the comments. And stay tuned to the Live Feed for all things Big Brother