'Big Brother 20' Third Evictee on Exit: "The Bromance Ended Up Killing Me"

BIG BROTHER - Julie Chen interviews evictee Winston Hines - Publicity-H 2018
Sonja Flemming/CBS

Big Brother season 20's "bromance" is no more.

After superfan Scottie nominated the duo of Brett and Winston it was another split vote of the season, and ultimately the latter "bro" was shown the door. 

"I'm going to catch all kinds of hell," Winston jokes to The Hollywood Reporter about his preseason pledge to avoid a showmance, yet it was his bond with Brett that cost him the game. 

He added that his strategy going into the game completely switched once he actually played it. Says the Kentucky native, "It got thrown to the wayside. You can go into that house with as much strategy as you want, but the moment you're in there things change. The bromance ended up killing me." 

Below, the morning after his eviction, the third houseguest to leave the game talks further about what went wrong and who he thinks will win it all.

Before entering the house you said you didn't want a showmance, but then you go and had a bromance.

I'm going to catch all kinds of hell for that.

Did you play the game how you really wanted to?

It got thrown to the wayside. You can go into that house with as much strategy as you want, but the moment you're in there things change. The bromance ended up killing me, but we thought it was the best chance to hide in plain sight and play up the stupidity. 

You were the most paranoid houseguest in the game. Where did that nonstop paranoia come from?

I was definitely the most paranoid, (laughs!) I am not a trusting person to begin with, so throwing me in there with a bunch of people I can't have a genuine conversation with made me paranoid.

Did you ever plan on turning on level six, and who would you have targeted first?

For sure, brother. That was the plan! I wanted to see Rachel walk out the door. It would have been funny to see her cocky self leave (laughs). 

When you were evicted, did you see Brett and Rockstar fighting on the screen?

No! What happened? Dude, I'm still in the dark!

Rockstar started screaming at him because of his speech. And then later on the live feeds Rockstar chased him around with pots and pans. 

(Laughs!) You are kidding me?! She pulled a Josh [Martinez]? Brett is going to have a lonely week!

Why didn't you and Brett try to get to know Rockstar?

That was our demise, but she lied to me on day one. She told me she had never really seen the show, but she was quoting season 10! She blew her cover. So I said, "I'm not going to trust her. I'm not going to even talk to her."

Who from the other side of the house do you wish you got to know better?

Fessy! We connected late. We're both from similar backgrounds and could have worked really well together. He didn't know the game that well, but I'm banking on him winning some competitions soon. I really would have liked to work with him, but Swaggy came in and got to him too early. That kid was promising safety! We weren't promising safety, we were just playing the game. He didn't even win an HoH yet and was swearing that he would get me and Angela out. Well, cool dude, do it! 

Do you know that Tyler is the puppet master this season?

He's playing a great game. I really respect him. He's very obvious though; it's going to catch up to him. And him not keeping me will draw that line. 

Who is Tyler's biggest competition?

Kaitlyn! She swore up and down that he was going to vote with her. If she finds out, he's done.

He has her completely brainwashed in the game. 

That's awesome! Nobody is thinking in there! 

Why didn't you win a power app?

You tell me! Was I not sharing enough? Was it because I didn't share a sob story to the camera? 

Who do you really see winning the game?

Sammy Sweetheart! She's the one who broke my heart and will just ride and clean her way to the end. 

Who will win "America's Favorite Houseguest" this summer?

I can tell you who it won't be! It won't be me, (laughs.)

Who is your favorite this season? Were you rooting for Winston to stay in the game? Chat about it in the comments section below? And make sure to stay tuned to the Live Feed for all things Big Brother