'Big Brother 14': The Biggest Blindside of the Season Shocks the House

In less than one week, the winner will be crowned by the seven-member jury. But first, who will be the next evictee: Dan or Ian?
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Thought Dan's funeral was the turning point in the Big Brother game? Wait until you see the biggest blindside of the season.

[Warning: Major spoilers ahead.]

The plan was set: If Shane, Danielle and Dan won the coveted POV -- arguably the most important win of the season as winner casts the lone vote -- their target would be fellow Quack Packer Ian. If Ian pulled out a clutch POV win, that'd be a doomsday scenario. But, as often is the case in the Big Brother house, the plans changed -- and only one person was in on it: Dan.

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First, the POV focuses on the houseguests' ability to remember details of Big Brother of the summer, with clues leading to specific houseguests. Slow and steady wins the race and Danielle takes home the veto prize. Danielle seems to think final three is a lock: If she has any say, it'll be Dan, Danielle and Shane.

In a move that may have surprised some houseguests (namely Ian), Danielle vetoed her own nominations -- Dan and Ian were on the block -- and saved Dan from eviction. (Going all the way back to season 10, Dan has never been on the block post-veto, which has to be a Big Brother record.) Her reasoning? To put blood on Dan's hands in evicting Ian, which was the original plan. Unfortunately for her (and Shane), Dan was seriously entertaining saving Ian should he come off the block. Why? Because that would almost guarantee him a spot in the final two between Danielle and Ian, and force Danielle to stick with him should she win the final HOH. (Dan and Shane only have a final three deal with Danielle.)

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While Shane and Danielle were busy in the HOH room flirting and "showmancing" it up, Dan was working/reassuring his final two deal with Ian was still legitimate. (Live feeders would have seen this take place. It was not featured in the episode.)

When the live veto meeting took place, Danielle followed through with Dan's wishes and used the POV to save Dan, giving him the sole power to evict. "I'm really shocked that just happened," Ian said while on the block.

It was short and simple. Dan's reason to get evict Shane was this: to break up a strong couple in the house. Bye Shane!

Danielle's reaction was priceless: mouth agape, wide eyes and shock shock shock all over her face. Immediately after, Dan explained his decision to Danielle and it was rather simple, repeating it several times: "My job is to get you to the end."

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Meanwhile, Shane told Julie Chen that he "trusted Dan 100 percent" and even called Dan "a dirty player." Salty much?

Finally, we get the first footage of the jury house and as expected, things got spicy when Frank walked through the door and Britney was there to welcome him. While Britney was OK with the backstabbing, lying and full-on game play, Frank went the other way, arguing that he was the only one who wasn't dishonest. Uh, sure. Then Frank took it even further, making a low blow at Britney's husband in a heated moment. Yikes.

The first part of the final HOH competition begins later.

Is it possible that Dan knows that it will be an uphill battle to garner enough votes from jury should he make it to final two to win the game again? Who do you want to see win the first part of the HOH competition?

Big Brother will air part one of the final HOH competition 8 p.m. Sunday on CBS. The finale airs Sept. 19.

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