'Big Brother': Evel Dick Exits After Less Than One Week in House

“Due to a personal matter, 'Big Brother' houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly,” CBS said in a statement on Friday.
Daniele Donato, left, and "Evel Dick" Donato

That was fast.

Big Brother alum Dick Donato, aka Evel Dick, has exited the CBS series just one day after the show premiered.

“Due to a personal matter, Big Brother houseguest Dick Donato had to leave the game unexpectedly on Thursday.  His departure will be addressed on the episode to be broadcast on Wednesday, July 13,” CBS said in a statement on Friday.

Shortly after the season opener aired, Donato — who won the eighth edition of Big Brother — was missing in action after being called in to the Diary Room. Fellow houseguests, including his daughter Daniele, began to notice his prolonged absence and tried to figure out why. Several Big Brother fan sites and blogs also noticed and viewers who tuned in late last night to Showtime’s Big Brother After Dark, which airs daily, would have seen that he was not present on any of the feeds.

In Thursday’s season premiere, it was revealed that he and Daniele had not spoken for three years. (His daughter was the runner-up in Season 8.)

The new season introduced a “Double Trouble” twist, with “Dynamic Duos” from previous Big Brother seasons returning to compete against the new houseguests, who were forced to partner up, for the $500,000 grand prize. The Donatos were one of three pairs who were supposed to participate in the twist. The other past pairs are the newly-engaged Brendon and Rachel, the season’s first Head of Household, from Big Brother 12 and fan favorites Jeff and Jordan from Big Brother 11.

Big Brother also put another wrench into the houseguests’ plans, introducing the Golden Key in the premiere episode.