'Big Brother': Evel Dick's Departure Explained, First Golden Key Recipient Revealed

"It definitely has the ring of going upstairs to see the Godfather," Kalia says of going up to see Brendon and Rachel in the HOH room.

Things got interesting when the first Golden Key of the season was used. Here's how the latest installment of Big Brother went down.

Who's Playing for Which Side?

After Rachel nominates newbie pair Keith (part of the Regulators) and Porsche (unofficially teaming up with the veterans), both believe the other is going home. But obviously something's got to give. "Porsche, you're going home," Keith states vehemently. Not so fast! Rachel confirms that Keith is her actual target because she's not stupid: the veterans need the votes. But with Evel Dick's eventual departure looming, how will that affect their game play? Porsche doesn't even try to hide the fact that she's going up to the HOH room, with Keith smart enough to figure that out after watching his supposed partner go in to scheme with Rachel and company.

Porsche's conversation with Brendon, Rachel and Daniele is more than one of those typical "we're good?" conversations. After getting handed the deal of a lifetime, according to the vets, she starts freaking out about the veto competition and what if Keith wins it? Rachel and Brendon are shocked by her sudden reaction and they begin to second guess her as a player. "What just happened right now?," Daniele asks. The vets start to realize that Porsche may be a "loose cannon." Meanwhile, Dominic and Keith do a funny dance to celebrate what just happened and Keith decides he's going to throw the veto. "You're going to be safe," Dominic reassures him. Keith relays the Regulators' plan to keep him.

Evel Dick's Departure Explained

Evel Dick is called into the Diary Room. The houseguests are hanging around like usual, until they begin to notice that no one has seen Evel Dick for at least two hours since he was called into the DR. "He's gotta be in DR," Jeff says after one of the houseguests asks where he is. Daneiele starts getting genuinely worried and things get even more confusing when Rachel is called into the Diary Room. "Oh no," Jeff says. When Rachel reveals that Evel Dick left for an urgent personal matter and because Daniele is now no longer with a partner, she will be given the Golden Key -- which completely flips the vets' plan on its head. (Plus, she can't compete in any competitions until the top 10.) No longer is Porsche a pawn, now unless she or Keith win the veto, one of them will be going home on Thursday.

Post-Evel Dick bomb, some of the vets flip out in the HOH room with Brendon almost calling out Keith. At least they have to play the game now. Brendon has a huge breakdown and the rest of the vets join in on the bitchfest. Jeff seems to be the only sane one, putting everything into perspective: It's only Week 1 and there's still time left. Rachel and Brendon continue to make excuses why they can't make alliances with the newbies. "Let's knuckle up like Rocky," Jeff says, trying to rally the troops. (Calling Jeff as the next HOH, please.) Keith is a little too confident, celebrating even before he's won. Is Keith's paranoia getting to him? Possibly. "Don't break us up," Dominic tries to reason to Keith.

Veto Throwers

Porsche confirms to the vets that she's on board with their plan to throw the competition in order to evict Keith. In the comp, the three pairs (Jeff/Jordan, Keith/Porsche, Rachel/Brendon) are dressed in unitards with capes. Keith and Porsche are both throwing the competition. Jeff and Jordan -- who aren't throwing the competition by any means -- have major issues trying to fit the puzzle pieces on the wall, and Rachel and Brendon easily win. Keith and Porsche awkwardly fib their way through their joint DR session post-veto competition. "It was fun," Keith says eventually.

Rachel and Brendon plan to use the POV to feel every one out. Their intimidation factor doesn't seem to work on Dominic. "It definitely has the ring of going upstairs to see the Godfather," as Kalia puts it. Rachel puts the scare on Keith. Did it work? Ultimately, Rachel and Brendon decide not to use the veto to save Keith and Porsche. Will the "pawn" (Porsche) go home? Or will Keith be the one saying goodbye?

Quotes of the Night

  • "You guys don't understand my dad. He lives and breathes Big Brother. This is his life, which is disgusting and embarassing, but he's not just going to leave for nothing." -- Daniele
  • "What do you want to do? Do you want to bitch about it or find solutions?" -- Jeff

'Big Brother': Rachel Nominates Porsche and Keith for Eviction, But Will it Stick?

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