'Big Brother 17': Second Evictee Talks Bullying and Epic Eviction Speech

Big Brother, Second Eviction Live - H 2015

Big Brother, Second Eviction Live - H 2015

Big Brother 17 fan favorite Da'Vonne walked out the front door Thursday night. The poker dealer lost all her cards, becoming this season's second evicted houseguest.

Before she entered the game she told The Hollywood Reporter, "Working at the casino you meet all walks of life. I've been able to adapt with that and in that environment was a chameleon." Unfortunately, she clashed with some of the other houseguests, which ultimately sealed her fate.

Now, after being a fan of the game since the beginning, Da'Vonne talks to THR again about what went wrong and who she wants to see come out next, "in my suitcase."

You said you studied this game. What is the difference between being a fan of the show and actually getting to play the game?

It is a lot easier sitting at home eating Cheetos watching the show than being a player in the game. Strategy goes out the window. Coming in saying you're not going to have any feelings [goes] out the window. Being detached from the people, out the window. Outside the Big Brother house, you live life day by day and, inside, you live second by second.

You discovered the twin twist. What was the first instance in the game where you noticed it?

I'm a person who doesn't forget faces. I might forget your name, but I'm not going to forget your face. This girl would go from slender, to full. If you really look at those twins, they don't look like twins. They just look like sisters. So I'm like how is everyone in the house not seeing this? No I'm not crazy. It was that one day that she came outside in the bathing suit, and knew something wasn't right and I had to tell Jason. I should have kept it to myself.

What many saw as bullying, you used to describe the differences of the twins based on their body image, calling one twin "Thickums." Jason referred to her as "Fat Beth." Do you regret that?

I can't speak for Jason, but when I would call her "Thickums," it wasn't [calling her] fat. It was a compliment. Where I come from, "thick" means you've got a nice sized butt. I thought I said that I wasn't calling her fat, I was just calling her thick. If that’s what the other houseguests meant by calling one the fat one and [one] the skinny one, yes that’s completely out of pocket.

Janelle Pierzina mentioned you as a favorite to win "America's Favorite Houseguest" this year, but also pointed out that everyone forgets the first three evicted houseguests. Do you think you still have a shot?

Aww. I know people forget. I don't think I have a shot. (Laughs.) It just depends on what kind of impact you make in that house, but no you usually do forget about those first three that go home. Of course I'll campaign; that $25,000 would be excellent.

Your eviction speech was epic. Did you prepare for that or did it kind of come on the spot?

I knew I wanted to say something that was going to let the people who were afraid to vote for me know that if they did I would have their back. I did want to plant the seed about Meg and that she would be a pawn every week to send somebody home. When I got up there I kind of freestyled around those topics and that's what came out. Right now I'm still a little bitter about it. I didn't even mean to hug Vanessa — that was on accident. I was walking out the door, and I thought I had to hug somebody by the door. She just happened to be standing there and I thought, "Better you than them. You're one of the liars that I like better than the other liars."

It seems like everyone is forgetting Jeff and Jackie had an existing relationship on The Amazing Race. Why is no one targeting them?

I didn't forget anything! It's them houseguests. I swear! These people act like in a matter of seconds, whatever happened seconds before no longer exists. They came in together. Every time we would have a podcast, Jeff would talk about his sexual life, and Jackie's facial expressions said everything. Everything! And I would say, "You all don't see this? Are you really that blind?" I picked up on everything. I didn't care what people said, I knew they were working together. In my heart, I believe the showmances may take over this season.

Although you didn't get the votes to stay, it seemed voiding Jeff, Jackie and Becky's votes was done to get in their heads that someone was coming after them. What was the strategy behind that?

We're on the same page. I wanted to hide the fact that it was me who had the power. I knew if I put up Clay and Audrey that everyone would know if I stayed in the house that it was me. Colors are going to get shown because at some point Jeff and Jackie are going to have to have a discussion. They're going to have to have a meeting and something is going to have to happen where their cover gets blown.

You're a poker dealer, and you found out Vanessa was a poker player. Do you think you should have aligned with her?

We had a conversation about her being a poker player. I didn't trust her enough to open up that I had lied about my profession. There's something about her that I couldn't trust. The girl has lied to my face. I really feel like Jason was all that I had in that house, period.

What was the reason Shelli and Clay targeted you? It seemed more personal, as there were bigger targets they could have gotten out.

It definitely was personal. It was because of the blowout that I had with them. Basically I showed that Clay was a liar. He's not the Southern sweetheart boy that everybody thinks he is. If you look at the argument, Clay gets this bass in his voice, his tone, his facial expressions. I'm like. "Who are you morphing into somebody else?" He was lying to me; he was stuttering. It was bad.

Shelli cried that she was sending you home. Do you think that was genuine?

No, I don't because I told her out of my own mouth that there would be no blood on her hands. I would not come for her or Clay if she put Audrey next to me and let the whole house battle it out. The fact that she put Meg next to me because she was somebody I wasn't going to campaign against and she was my friend, that was personal. Save your tears, because I don't believe you.

Big Brother has been on for years. If it lasted another 21 years and your now-7-month-old daughter was old enough to play, would you let her play the game?

Cadence will be in there! As long as she takes some duct tape and don't do what your mama did — [instead] be quiet! I would advise her to be more observant and less verbal. Take advantage of the diary room — I can't stress that enough. It's there for a reason. Use it.

If you could come back for one day to participate in the "BB Takeover" what would your takeover be?

Something that's going to get Clay out of that house. I don't care what it is. I'll come back as a hot dog on a stick — if it's going to get this man out of the house I'm for it. I would love to see Clay come right behind me in my suitcase. Probably next out the door though the way these people are playing — if they can get her, because she's a tough cookie — [is] Becky. I know that they're scared of her. Only if they can get her, because that girl is going to fight.

Who right now, has the best shot of winning the game?

I'm of course rooting for Jason. I would love for him to take it all the way home, but if they keep playing like they played these last two weeks Audrey could take this thing all the way.

Do you think Audrey can skate by for another week? Will she win the game? Will you still vote for Da'Vonne as "America's Favorite Houseguest"? What did you think of her eviction speech? Chat about it in the comments below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother.

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