'Big Brother 14': Latest Evicted Houseguest Revealed

After a big power move changed the face of the game (beware of Dan's mist!), will it be Britney or Danielle joining Ashley in the jury house?
Monty Brinton/CBS

"Beware of the Dan mist."

That should have been the warning heard around the world. After pulling off the biggest power move so far on this season of Big Brother, former winner Dan -- who was admittedly one foot out the door before concocting a masterful plan -- found himself safe from eviction by the unlikeliest people: his archnemesis (Frank) and an under-the-radar floater (Jenn). The replacement nominee? Britney.

[Warning: Major spoilers ahead.]

It's no surprise Dan, the only unanimous Big Brother winner since the CBS reality series began in 2000, can manipulate his way out of any situation. After all, he's a wordsmith. Following the veto meeting, during which several houseguests were genuinely shocked by the change of events, a confused Britney first approaches Dan to find out if she's the target. (Of course, Dan won't say.)

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Britney's nomination reveals Ian's ugly side, when he went toe-to-toe with Frank. Meanwhile, Dan laughs in the arcade room alone. Because another brilliant part to Dan's big master plan? To pit the houseguests against each other. Check.

Julie Chen asked about the big Big Brother move, thought up by Dan and executed by Frank and Jenn.

"That was the hardest move I had to make thus far," Jenn answered. To be honest, her move was Dan's move.

Another interesting thing to note: Frank's final two deal with Dan may not be as sincere as previously thought. Frank admits to Chen that depending on how the next few weeks go, he may or may not be trying to get Dan out "as soon as possible."

But the campaigning to save Britney doesn't matter. After some waffling back and forth by a few houseguests (looking at you Shane and Joe), it's Britney who gets the boot by a vote of 4-1. (What Britney doesn't know is best friend Danielle is in on Dan's master plan.)

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The episode was also filled with great zingers and one-liners:

- Dan: "Jenn just used the veto on me!"
- Ian: "I will avenge this!"
- Shane: "Where did Jenn come from?!"
- Britney, sobbing, to Frank and Jenn: "I'll protect you if you keep me."
- Frank: "I'm freaking wearing a carrot costume and having a freaking toe-to-toe."
- Britney: "I am the biggest idiot."
- Britney to Dan: "You'll always be Judas to me." (A reference to Jerry's comment to Dan in Big Brother 10.)
- Britney on Dan: "He flipped the house in an hour and used the Bible! It's unbelievable!"

The next HOH competition is endurance with the competitors forced to stand on small discs and hanging on as they get "tans." America also voted for the first houseguest eliminated to receive an unknown punishment.

It may be a long night so check back for the eventual HOH winner when the competition is over and what the punishment is. In the span of minutes, Joe (first one off) and Jenn are down, leaving Ian, Danielle, Shane and Dan. After nearly two hours, a new HOH is named.

The HOH winner is ... Ian.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.

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