'Big Brother': Which Houseguests Does Jordan Nominate for Eviction?

After Keith is evicted from the house, where do the newbies go from here?
"Big Brother's" Jeff and Jordan

With the veterans maintaining control of the house for another week (and going through with their plan to keep Porsche) on Big Brother, who does Jordan, this week's HOH, nominate for eviction?

Newbies Alliance Goes Down the Tubes

With a 6-4 vote on Thursday to evict Keith, it's clear to the newbies that two members of their supposed alliance turned and aligned themselves with the veterans. Shelly plays dumb post-eviction and while the Regulators try to figure out what went wrong, Rachel is thinking the newbies "are idiots." The veterans celebrate another week in power; the newbies are in the Have Nots room continuing to piece together who went against their group. Shelly stays quiet and Kalia flat out lies to the other newbies' faces; Adam seems to think that the veterans will put he and Dominic up by episode's end. Why? Because Adam agreed to vote alongside the veterans, but didn't when all was said and done. Cassi says straight to Rachel's face that the numbers didn't add up for the newbies' side, blasting Porsche. Dominic sought out intel from Jeff and Jordan on who they approached to vote out Porsche, but of course, they didn't say a word.

The vets don't know who the second vote to evict Keith was, but the newbies start thinking it's Adam when really it's Shelly. Cassi and Dominic don't believe it's Shelly because as Cassi puts it, Shelly's "a straight shooter." At the same time, Adam thinks it's Dominic who cut a deal with the vets; Dominic works on Daniele to get her on his side. Basically it's each one for their own. Adam goes up to have a chat with Jeff and Jordan trying to align himself with the vets, but Jeff is hesitant. Meanwhile, Adam's "partner" Dominic works Daniele on the hammock to get him into her alliance, and she seems to be on board.

Meanwhile, members of the veterans alliance believe Cassi is running the show on the other side, while Dominic is also discussed. Rachel makes her case for trying to get Cassi out but Jeff has a better idea: Why not cut a deal with her instead? That way, if she turns on them, she's out. Dominic talks to Jeff and Jordan and lays it all out there. He wants to strike a deal, but Jordan doesn't trust him at all. When Cassi has her talk, she mentions she wants Shelly to stay in the house as long as possible. (Is Shelly the smartest player in the game at this point in time?) Daniele keeps to her word and defends Dominic when Jeff reveals that he wants him out, instead telling Jeff and Jordan to keep Cassi in the back of their minds. Jeff and Jordan start to sway toward Cassi, but no one knows until the actual nomination ceremony takes place.

Jordan ultmately nominates Dominic and Adam because "I don't know where your heads are at." Who will win the Power of Veto and will they use it to save either Dominic or Adam?

Feeling Antsy?

Big Brother always finds a way to make the houseguests look completely ridiculous and the Have and Have Nots competition is no different. The competing houseguests find themselves dressed as "super ants" (aka two people in one outfit). The "super ants" who grab four supersized food crumbs in to their ant hill wins, with task of naming the Have Nots for the week. After rolling over supersized food objects and being squirted with ketchup and mustard, etc, Rachel and Brendon take the win, beating a hot-on-their-trail Dominic and Adam. Things don't end so well for Kalia, who screams out in agony at the end of the competition, stuck inside one of the food cans. A Big Brother medic comes out and clears Kalia, who injured her shoulder. Brendon and Rachel pick Dominic and Rachel, as well as Cassi and Shelly to be Have Nots for the week. Along with slop, America votes for the Have Nots to eat jelly beans and jerky.

Quote of the Night

  • "Thats gots me furious like a volcano on a hot day in Hawaii gettin' ready to erupt." -- Lawon

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