'Big Brother 17': First Evicted Houseguest Talks "Twin Twist" and First-Outs Season

Big Brother First Evicted Houseguest - H 2015
Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother First Evicted Houseguest - H 2015

It's back to the beach for Big Brother 17's first evicted houseguest Jace Agolli. The skater residing in Venice Beach couldn't keep his cool and came on too strong to the other houseguests. He experienced the first "back door" of the summer, and in a blind side he lost trust in the other players. 

A super fan of the show though, he remains humble and grateful for the experience and getting to play the game. Here, Agolli talks with The Hollywood Reporter about what went wrong and his return to the game.

What’s it like being a fan of the show vs. actually playing the game?

I went in there a little too strong and I was ultimately seen as a target. You caught me flailing doing everything I could, but at the end of the day you’ve been a fan for a very long time, you know that when a backdoor plan goes into effect most people aren’t going to go against the grain.It’s a whole different ball game. The most interesting thing is you go and you have this strategy and originally I was going to play a little bit softer. I did plan on winning the first Head of Household, but in retrospect going in there as strong as I did was a huge, huge mistake. I wish I would have played a little more low key, acted clumsy, fallen off the HoH competition quickly, and not have been as loud as I am. But you get in there and you know the whole world is watching and I didn’t want them to see anything but Jace.

You were shocked by the “Twin Twist,” Do you think Liz and Julia Nolan have a shot at winning the game? Do you want them to make it far?

I absolutely want them to make it far. Do they have a shot at winning though, it’s so tough to say because they were so heavily aligned with me. Toward the end they did a good job of disassociating themselves with me. Them saying they were leading me on ... I don’t think that’s true. We definitely connected on a bigger level than just the game. They’re doing everything they can to stay though, which makes sense. The people I would love to see win the game at this point are Liz and Julia, Austin [Matelson] of course, Vanessa [Rousso], and I love Stevie [Moses]. If I saw them win, it would mean everything. Do I think they all have potential to win? No. I think right now, Vanessa is in the best spot.

Looking back, were there signs of the twist?

A hundred percent. I noticed in the last four days I was very confused by why she was acting so differently. I also noticed minor differences between the two girls. When you're in the house though your mind has so much going on. I wasn't thinking about a twin twist. But looking back there were minute differences between the two girls. One was a little bit leaner, one's facial structure was just a little off. If I would have spent a few more weeks with her it would have become apparent. We spent a lot of time together. We stayed in the same bed a couple of nights, we cuddled. Now I just want to know which girl I was cuddling with, if not both of them (laughs)! 

You kind of bullied Steve in order to get votes, do you regret doing that?

I regret the way it came off. What I was doing was a tactic, but obviously it came off a little too strong. I want to let people know that I do not condone bullying in any way, shape or form. Inside the house things get a little bit crazy, and I got carried away with my conversation with Steve. I was acting; I was using all the skills that I obtained growing up in theater and using it my best to project on Steve an image of intense strength. I didn’t want him to think that I was going to falter for a minute, because he’d already betrayed me. In doing that conversation I was trying to ensure that he was not going to betray me again and he was going to be an ally as we originally agreed to. Me coming on so intense was an intimidation tactic. I could have probably toned it down a little bit. But you got to think, if you’re on the edge of the cliff and someone’s pushing you off, you’re going to do everything in your head that you think could potentially help you stay. That wasn’t my strongest moment.

Do you have any advice for  Da’Vonne [Rogers] and John [McGuire] on how to handle being nominated, and staying in the game?

Da’Vonne’s done. That’s my opinion. She’s also kind of a hot head and people are afraid of her. Johnny Mac is not really a threat. He’s your happy, fun, go lucky guy from Scranton, PA. When you think of Scranton what do you think of? Michael Scott (Steve Carell). Johnny Mac is Michael Scott’s cousin. He’s a character out of a movie. He could pull one out of the rear for sure, I wouldn’t expect it, but he could definitely pull one through.

It seems like everyone forgot that Jeff and Jackie had an existing relationship on The Amazing Race before entering the house, why was that?

People are idiots. That was one of the most apparent things in the game you want to watch out for. You look at past seasons, and any type of relationship has potential benefits. They make it passed week five or week six, and get the Diamond Power of Veto then they’ll screw you over. Who knows. I was in shock that these people saw Jackie as less of a threat. You guys spent a month together traveling across the world, you think they didn’t come into this house aligned? I’m sorry, but you’re sadly mistaken. 

Audrey Middleton masterminded your eviction, but then befriended you toward the end. Was she playing you or did she feel bad?

Audrey doesn't feel bad, that's not in her nature. I know what she was doing and I was trying to use her just as much as she was trying to use me. It's a smart decision for them not to target her this week. She's already got a target on her back, but she could potentially nip some people in the butt and she could win the whole game! She has a knack for turning things around. 

What would your ideal "BB Takeover" be?

Give an hour of information for the houseguests. They would have an hour to ask questions to me, someone who has been outside of the house and then when they go back into the house whether or not people believe them is up to them. It could be a Pandora's Box and I'm in the box. They get a whole hour of asking me questions, but nobody else knows that I was in that box. They go back down to the house full of information, but no one knows if it's real or not. It'd be really cool. 

Big Brother superfans have talked about a "First Outs" season where first evicted houseguests get to play again. Would you do it?

One hundred percent. I would hope to God they would choose Annie [Whittington] (season 12) as well and then I'd align with Annie and win. And Jodi [Rollins] (season 14). Jodi got a rough deal! 

Were you sad to see Jace go? Would you vote him back in the game to do a "BB Takeover"? Will Da'Vonne be the next go? Chat about it in the comments section and stay tuned to The Live Feed for more Big Brother coverage. Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.