'Big Brother 18': Former Returning Evictees Talk All-Stars, Battle Back and Zing the Remaining Houseguests

Big Brother Returning Evictees Split - Publicity - H 2016
Courtesy of ABC

Big Brother Returning Evictees Split - Publicity - H 2016

Big Brother airs its first ever "Battle Back" episode on Friday. But first, before fans tune in to the redemption fueled twist, The Hollywood Reporter takes a stroll down memory lane.

Who can forget fan favorite and season 15 returning evictee Judd Daugherty? There's also the rock star dentist Johhny Mac from last season who although lost the "America's Favorite Houseguest" prize, won a second chance in the game. And of course you can't forget about Brendon Villegas who married his showmance Rachel Reilly and has now given birth to the first ever Big Brother baby, Adora Villegas. So what do these three have in common? They all had two chances in one season, to win  $500,000. Read carefully to see what the three former returning evictees had to say about this season's newest twist.

Frank won "America's Favorite Houseguest" his season, but this time super fans hate him. Would you be wary of coming back with of the possibility of America hating you?

Villegas: Wary is a very light version of the truth! It's more like being scared to say the wrong thing. Frank is lacking self awareness this season. He was mentored by Mike Boogie [Malin] his season and that's a key component you have to realize that you had Mike Boogie last time helping his game play. Mike is a great social player, could you imagine him now helping Frank get back on track with his social game?

Daugherty: BB 15 is the plague (laughs). Just because of the controversy that surrounds our season I don't think they would ask anybody back. I could see them asking Elissa [Reilly Slater] back, but she's pregnant this summer. I don't know about other than her. For Frank it does look like he thought that him and Da'Vonne had enough where he could joke around, but I see her argument. She has a little girl that's going to see the show eventually. No matter how many people like you there's still haters and people pissed off at whatever you do. You can't think of the fans when you're in there you got to just play the game and think about the prize. I thought too much about that stuff because of my job and everything back home. If I knew I was going to be associated with the plague of 15 I would have gone HAM. Throwing stuff on people's beds and ripping that place apart.

McGuire: I didn't care if America liked me or hated me. It's awesome that they do like me, but if I was to play again I would play without regard for that. Hopefully they wouldn't hate me for some of the things Frank did. But there was definitely two sides to that story. Day was dishing it right back at him. Both of them were misbehaving a little bit! It's an over reaction on our part watching it. 

Are the four returning players deserving of being back? 

Daugherty: Da'Vonne, I was confused why they were bringing somebody that got voted out extremely early back. Amanda [Zuckerman] from my season should have come back over her. Who doesn't like a good villain? That's why I was really hoping to see Amanda on this season. I kept thinking she was lying to me when I would ask her and she's like, "No, I'm not!" 

Villegas: I wasn't excited to see James back. I want to see people that want to play! Sometimes he's performing. Right now you see that with PauliePaulie is performing. James is playing the best game though by just doing nothing. James trying to hit on Natalie is his best move yet! She's super cute, you admire her because you don't think she's using James because she's so genuine unless she's acting she's doing amazing acting. 

McGuire:  There are one's who are good at game play and the ones that were entertaining. Game play, Frank did the best out of all of them. For entertainment, James brings the pranks and Da'Vonne gives a good diary room and Frank and Nicole are on the bottom of the list for that. [But] James is playing the best game. Doing the worst? I was going to say Frank, but I might switch to Da'Vonne right now. She's getting into trouble and stirring the pot when she doesn't need to. 

What was the process of you returning?
Daugherty: I didn't sleep the entire night before. I was just pacing around. Jessie and Candice slept like it was a normal night! (Laughs). They didn't care! I got no sleep that entire day. Once we got to CBS I was nauseous. I was literally dry heaving and throwing up with the blindfold on up to two or three minutes before we went on stage!
Villegas: They told me the night that I was evicted, backstage, "Hey, want to get a chance to come back in another week?" I thought they were messing with me! And then I found out the competition right there when everyone else did. Before that I'm sitting in a house in Palm Springs doing 50 laps around this little tiny pool. It was like recharging and the one thing you have to consider when we watch this "Battle Back" competition is how long has that person been gone? Glenn has been gone a very long time. I'm telling you right now if Glenn wins this it'll be the Rocky story. Nobody will see it coming. We have to start a hashtag before the episode gets going #GlennisRocky. 
Judd, did Helen get pushed off in that competition? Everyone says she did. 
Daugherty: No! Helen's a huge Big Brother fan. I think what it was we were standing on some sort of rugs and they had to make sure those didn't shift or anything. Helen would have raised hell if they pushed her off! She's got a lot of money so there's no money they could have given her to make her jump off and go to jury. She's a hardcore player and fan there's no way she would have allowed that. She would've went nuts!
What are your predictions for the "Battle Back" twist?
McGuire: It's about time we had "Redemption Island" on Big Brother! I met Glenn's wife and she was really nice so I want to see Glenn win.
Daugherty: I'm just wondering if it's in the backyard or not. I could see Victor coming back in. If it's Tiffany that goes, I would think she could stand a pretty good chance. Her head is going to be focused on that competition hardcore. But these other people, they've been waiting and whoever it is who's competing against. You got to throw in puzzles too. I would assume they'd do it more fair because if it's just physically things constantly he's just going to beast it out constantly. They need to give Glenn a shot (laughs). Look at how he left. He had no shot! 
Villegas: I'm sure they did it in the backyard. They just put the houseguests on lockdown in the inside. Because we can't hear and even when you try to they always yell at you! Unless they did something very unique, I'm pretty sure that it was filmed in the backyard. I can't see them make the competitions so lopsided and give Glenn a physical competition right off the bat. That's going to initially eliminate him. It'll be between Victor and the fifth person. 
Who's winning this season?
Villegas: Natalie is making top three. I don't know if she can win, but if she sits next to someone that's very disliked she has a very good shot at sliding in there by accident. I wanted to say Michelle, but I don't think she's making it. The vets aren't winning. It's going to be a newbie. Paul could slide in there from behind. Rachel and I have talked about him before because right off the bat you're kind of annoyed by him, but looking at him in the broader spectrum he's trying to develop as a player. 
McGuire: I'm never right!  I'm going to go with Michelle. Her and Zakiyah are playing good games, but I think Zakiyah is going to blow up, plus she's in a showmance.
Daugherty: I could see James winning the whole game. It's definitely going to be a vet. Look at 13, the same thing happened. These people are just fans and want to walk with them. And it's like, "Ughh! Did you come to push somebody else to the finish line or did you come to win for yourself?" I don't get what's up with the newbies
What have you heard about a future "All Stars" season? Who would you want to play with? Who would you not want to be in the house with?
Villegas: Now that we have Adora, it's very difficult. I can't even imagine leaving her for that long! For me, 100 days is insane. They would have to shrink the time to get people. I don't think we need to bring back people who haven't been on the show for 10 years. They need to make a real all stars season or do some sort of theme like heroes versus villains. I'm not going to lie I was scared to know what Dick [Donato] was going to be like. We're friends outside of the house and I can handle him, but 40 days or 50 days I didn't know if he was going to do the same stuff he did his first season. They got cast at the last minute. They were cast last out of everybody. And of course Dick called Jeff [Schroeder] and already talked to him before they were in the house. And nobody called us! (Laughs)! Rachel and I were in our room theorizing of what the season was. We realized like, "We know they're bringing back Jeff and Jordan." We started thinking that they were doing a heroes versus villains season and we convinced ourselves that they were the heroes and we were the villains. We will embrace it! I was like, 'I get to be evil and dark!' 
McGuire: Up until this season I never thought it would happen again because I didn't think that there were eight girls that you could bring back to bring it on from the second generation here. But from seeing this year, if you get evicted second you're still an option! That opens up a whole lot of options. Plus, the girls this year are killing it. It could happen relatively soon. Season 20 makes sense! I want to play with Vanessa again. We had are differences, but we made stuff work. Recently because her sister's on I texted her. Matt Hoffman and Britney [Haynes] are hilarious I'd like to see them come back. I'd love to play with or against Janelle [Pierzina] just to say I did! (Laughs). You wouldn't want to play with the masterminds of all time like Derrick, Will and Dan. You'd be in trouble! 
Daugherty: I don't know about an all stars season I haven't talked to CBS since my season was over. I don't know that I would want to come back actually. I've moved passed that. I don't want to go through that process and have to deal with the aftermath. People don't understand how hard it is. Mentally, it's bizarre because there's no outside world then you get thrown back into the outside world and it's hard to find your place again. But if I were on there I would want to play with Dan he's my favorite of all time. But he's so scary I don't know if I would work with him. I would want to play with Shelli [Poole] because she's loyal and Johnny Mac. He was like me where they throw you in there as a character and not so much as a player so you don't get to see any diary room talk about game you just see silly little bullshit comments! Nick Uhas, I would not want to be in the house ever with him. I probably would just say, "I'm after you!" immediately. Same with Devin [Shepard]. I couldn't keep my cool. I don't like them personally. Nick is very patronizing. He thinks he's a lot better than everyone like he's super human and we're all just living in his world. It's ridiculous. 
Give your best zing to three remaining houseguests of your choice. 
Daugherty: I hate Zingbot! It's so silly and Chuckie Cheesey. Ugh, I just despise it. Tiffany, sorry you didn't win HoH because Vanessa would have sent you some tissues! They've both shed so many tears! Oh, God, Bridgette, the worst player ever! I would zing her something about, how does it feel to go through this HUGE casting process just to play Frank's game? This whole casting process, just to be Frank's minion. Absolutely pathetic. When her best friend went home on her HoH, that's just sad. And she still kisses his ass! She might be my least favorite Big Brother player of all time. Michelle, mirror, mirror on the wall, you are not Nicole! She tries to be like her. She's such an ass kisser.  
Villegas: [In Zingbot's voice] Frank, the 1950s called, they want their male stereotype back! I'm trying to think of one for Nicole because she's driving me crazy! James, Meg called and wants to know if she can have her spot back as ambiguous love interest. Nicole, Hayden called and wants to know if he can have his spot back as ambiguous love interest. 
McGuire: You can always go with the Tiffany crying one, but the whole internet has done that already! Let's see, Bridgette's too nice to zing (laughs). Frank, you've lost your hair, just like you lost your game! Something about the season 6 friendship alliance. Paul, it's 2016 and people are still going to hate "the friendship!" Paulie, if you want to get the Vanessa this season out of the house, you better self-evict!
Which former returning evictee would you want to play again? What would a Judd, Brendon and Johnny Mac alliance look like? Who is winning "Battle Back" on Friday? Chat about it in the comments section below and give your best zing to one of the remaining houseguests. Stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother