'Big Brother': Keith Is First Evicted Houseguest, Veterans Continue Control of the House

A few newbies turn on their own "alliance," voting along with the veterans to oust one of their own.

It all comes down to the first live eviction of the season for Big Brother. Two alliances have quickly formed: the veterans and the newbies (aka the Regulators). With Porsche and Keith on the block, who will be the first evicted houseguest?

Something's Got to Give

Cassi, Dominic and Lawon are on board with voting to evict Porsche, and Dominic confidently states that his partner Adam will vote the same way. Lawon thinks his partner in crime Kalia will also follow through, but that could very well change. Even though Cassi isn't happy with Keith's antics the past few days, for the sake of the alliance within the Regulators, she's ready to believe that Keith staying won't be all for naught. Meanwhile, the veterans -- knowing they're down at least one vote -- start scheming on swing votes. Adam? Cassi? Who will be the easiest to sway?

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It's the game "Big Booty" (and Jeff "whoring himself out") that the veterans play with the newbies to try and gain some trust -- hopefully a vote or two when it all comes down to it. Dominic catches on to the veterans' "friendship plan": "What are they trying to get out of me?" During the houseguests' down time, Rachel and some of the others start joking around, calling Brendon from across the yard, "Bookie," which leads to the couple's first fight of the episode. "You're not screaming it across the yard, making me look stupid," Brendon complains up in the HOH room. The following day, Rachel and Brendon continue to work through their "Bookie" issues. After some back and forth, they ultimately make up. Time to get to work.

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Brendon sways Shelly to vote their way and Jeff works on Adam, who Evel Dick had originally recruited, to make sure he's still on board to vote out Keith. Jeff thinks up an idea to lure him in: Make him think of an alliance name (he comes up with Adam's Angels). Meanwhile, Kalia reveals that she's voting whatever the majority will be. "This vote will decide which side of the house you're on," Adam says.

Julie Chen Gives Daniele a Run for Her Money

Host Julie Chen reveals to the houseguests that Evel Dick won't be returning to the house and plays a video message of Evel Dick semi-explaining his unplanned departure from Big Brother. Evel Dick says he, his girilfriend and his family are fine and apologizes to daughter/Big Brother partner Daniele for leaving the house so suddenly, with Daniele looking uncomfortable as the video plays. "I will see you at the finale," Evel Dick says before signing off. Julie asks Daniele for her thoughts: "The hardest part for people to remember is that this part's not Big Brother, this is real life and that's what makes it the hardest."

Veterans Solidify Control of the House

Keith is evicted by a vote of 6-4, with two members of the Regulators (Kalia and Shelly) ultimately siding with the veterans. Depending on your perspective, it's either a good or bad thing. In terms of loyalty, the Regulators lost a huge opportunity to maintain at least some semblance of control. Even if they don't win the next HOH competition, which is coming up next, they could potentially have the numbers on their side. But, it doesn't seem to matter. Looks like Keith's big mouth (and bad game play) got him ousted. Porsche receives the Golden Key, keeping her in the house until at least the top 10. "Someone's going to get an ass-whooping," Shelly says after Keith leaves.

Here's how the votes broke down:
Dominic - Porsche
Brendon - Keith
Jordan - Keith
Cassi - Porsche
Lawon - Porsche
Jeff - Keith
Daniele (explaining also in DR that she has been thinking about her father every day since he left) - Keith
Adam - Porsche
Kalia - Keith
Shelly - Keith

The New HOH is Crowned

The HOH competition takes place quickly after Keith leaves the house (and after he is schooled by former "partner" Porsche in a video message). "The Big Brother Open" golf challenge has the houseguests trying to hit the spot marked No. 1 with their golf ball. If they overshoot and hit the hazard, the houseguest will be eliminated. Whoever's golf ball ends up closest to the spot wins the new HOH. Rachel picks the newbies to compete first, giving the vets an edge. Jordan ends up winning, hitting the No. 3 slot (Jeff and Brendon don't even try.), solidifying the veterans' place in the game. Which newbie duo will they target next?

Quotes of the Night

  • Brendon: "I'm trying to get into the medical profession and be a professional."
    Rachel: "And someone calling you Bookie is going to make you less of a medical professional?"
  • "I had a great conversation with Rachel making sure that she doesn't inadvertently demasculate me in front of other people and she understood and we mended things." -- Brendon
  • Julie: "No, 'I love you'?"
    Daniele: "Oh my god, that's so awkward."
  • "I wish I would've played the game a little different." -- Keith to Julie
  • "Boom ... goes the dynamite." -- Lawon

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