'Big Brother OTT': Sixth Evictee Talks All Stars Consideration, Sister Twist and Scott's "Intense Loyalty"

THR talks to this season's sixth evicted houseguest.
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Big Brother: Over the Top's sister twist is officially over. 

With Alex being the sixth evicted houseguest this season, her sister Morgan is the only Willett left in the game. The two were able to make it more than halfway through the game together and the remaining houseguests, besides Shelby, still do not know that the two blondes from Texas are in fact blood relatives. 

"When I first got kicked out of the house I tried to put on a happy face because my sister was there. But I was pissed! It killed me having to walk out those doors," Big Brother: Over the Top's sixth evictee, Alex tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Here, the Big Brother superfan opens up about playing the game with her sister, the demise of the Ball Smashers and much more. 

You don't know what happened after you left, right? 

I got the person who got kicked out at the double eviction out of Julie [Chen] so I know Whitney left after me. 

It was an emotional night. 

How did my sister not leave? I thought for sure she was next!

Morgan won the care package, and it was a veto that made both her and Shelby safe. 

Oh my God, shut up! 

She didn't use it because Danielle nominated Whitney and Justin because she knew Shelby and Morgan were safe from the care package. 

Oh my God, America! America! I'm dying. 

When you left, Morgan and Shelby couldn't stop crying. And then when they won the veto they cried again, but it was tears of joy.

I am so happy America gave Morgan that. 

Now on the first night, when you slipped up about Morgan and you called her "Mo," what was going through your head? 

I remember just freezing! (Laughs.) I'm pretty sure my sister sent me the biggest death glare at that moment. Luckily it was [in front of] Shelby, who just wanted to be social with everyone and wasn't really in the game mode yet. After I made that slip-up it really taught me that I need to zip my lips in the house. It was a really good life lesson on night number one.

Who was responsible for the demise of the Ball Smashers? Was it you or Whitney?

I can pinpoint exactly what I did wrong.

It was you. 

Yeah. Ugh! I will give myself the blame, but I had a really good reason for doing what I did. Whitney had been basically hanging out with Justin and Kryssie for weeks now, and it was making everyone really nervous. We all knew in our gut that she would be the first one to flip. Kryssie had been telling us that Whitney was the floater in the house and we didn't want to believe it. When talking to Jason he basically said, "Whitney or Morgan needs to go this week!" My guard dog side comes out and I'm trying to divert any attention from Morgan. That was the downfall, me trying to protect my sister. If I had just known Scott was going to be America's nom that week I could have zipped my lips. 

As a fan of this game how entertaining was this season compared to past seasons?

Oh my gosh! My season brought it! The care packages and America's nom were so vital each week that we literally could not predict what was happening in the house, so I cannot imagine watching the show. Not only that, but there was this huge division. I don't think anyone was expecting that, and that was a very authentic and real division. The two sides in the house legitimately do not like each other. With all the fights we had and all the twists and turns I would hope that this is so far a really good season for the viewers.

It's in my top three of best Big Brother seasons along with seasons eight and 10. 

Are you serious! Oh my gosh! That makes me so happy! I was so scared of going on this show and not being remembered and not playing the game and the show being a dud, so thank you! I'm very happy to hear that. 

And you know players like Evel Dick are super-critical of the show, but he's enjoying this season and was a fan of yours



Really! Stop! He's the best! I remember in the house I would bring him up in conversations and in my head I would think, "He probably hates me so much!"

You got to watch the season 18 finale since being evicted. What did you think?

I had a gut feeling Nicole [Franzel] won from the beginning. When they brought Paul [Abrahamian] for that competition everyone in the house immediately assumed Nicole won. I wasn't surprised. She was there [close to] 100 days and that's insane! So congrats to her. 

Shelby said you got "Beast Mode Cowboyed."

Oh my God! (Laughs.)

Why do you think Scott was so willing to throw away his game for you? 

Ugh! I don't know! Scott is such a good friend and I don't want to talk negatively about him at all. I will say I think he did go around behind my back preaching his intense loyalty to me and in the long run that hurt his game and my game. I was already a target in the house, Scott basically professing him willing to die on whatever sword for me, it just intensified me as a threat. I guess I got, "Beast Mode Cowboyed," but in a different way. I don't think Scott was in love with me like everyone was saying. 

He told me he is going to propose to you when you get out. 

No he didn't! You are lying! (Laughs.) I have a boyfriend! 

I'm joking. Which former houseguest were you the most excited to see enter the house?

I was low-key really excited to see Liz [Nolan]! Just because Jason kept talking about how tall she was, so I wanted to see it in real life! I was really excited when she walked through the door. [And] I honestly was really excited to see Paul. He was my favorite that season. He was sassy and all over the place and lived up to the expectations. 

Do you know a former player hosted a competition right after you left?

No they didn't! Is it Dan [Gheesling]?

No, it was Rachel Reilly. 

Oh, OK. I'm OK with that. As long as it wasn't Dan or Johnny Mac. I would have lost my mind!

You got to tell Shelby about you and Morgan. But what if Shelby and Morgan are on the block and she uses that against her?

No! Morgan can use that against Shelby because Shelby has her own twist! Morgan can combat it with hers so it makes it an even playing field.

Why did America nominate and evict you? They could have and should have nominated Kryssie. 

Thank you! I don't know. Leaving this house I was pretty convinced America hated me — so maybe they just don't like me. I started out winning a bunch of competitions and then slowed my roll because I was enemy number one in the house. Maybe they fizzled out on me because I stopped winning the comps. Maybe they didn't like that I was paired up with Scott. They clearly hated him. 

What were you trying to say in your eviction speech?

Oh my God! Let me just clarify. I am the most awkward human being alive. For my audition tapes for this show I had lipstick all over my teeth and I had no idea. It was only natural that I would forget my one and only eviction speech. I was trying to say, "Before you point your fingers, make sure your own hands are clean," and look straight at Jason. But I changed my speech at the last second and looked at Shelby and got upset and sat down! It was bad. (Laughs.)

Out of Morgan's zings which one was the best?

I personally like Kryssie's because I came up with that one myself. And Danielle's. And the way Danielle was laughing made me realize it probably got to her because she was trying to cover it up.

Kryssie mentioned a few times that she wanted to quit the game. As a superfan of this game, what was going through your head when she would say that?

I just don't respect it! If you don't want to be there or are even having any doubts get out of the house! Before we even came into the house she wanted to quit in sequester! I just cannot with people like that. Being a superfan of this show and this being my dream, I know there are so many people who would kill to be here. I really struggled with Kryssie because I don't think she appreciates the game. 

Which three BBOTT players would do the best on a regular season of Big Brother

Definitely me. If I was playing a normal game of Big Brother where when you're HoH you actually have power I would have done really well. I have a lot of faith in Shelby as well. She is a smart cookie and very underestimated in the game. Not Justin! I can't even talk about him. Whitney would have done OK on a normal season of Big Brother

You told Morgan that you thought you were the problem in your relationship because she is able to get along with big personalities in the house. What did you learn the most about her in the game?

I learned that Morgan can actually hold in her emotions, which is something I never knew was possible! She was nice in the game, the really friendly and personable one, and back at home she is sassy and loud!

She has one of the best social games in the house. 

Morgan really did have a great social game. That's something I hope that if she gets to the end she talks about. She's very underestimated right now, and I've been planting the seeds in people's minds that she's not doing anything and to take her to the end. I hope if she gets to the end she can sell herself because she deserves it.

Who was the toughest person to live with in the house?

Danielle was an absolute nightmare. I'm pretty sure every person in the house would say she is the most annoying person they ever met. And honestly Kryssie burps into people's food! We would be in the kitchen cooking and she would just burp! I cannot with that girl!

You know about Joker's Updates, right?

Please tell me I'm at the top.

For a while you were number one. When you fell you and the Ball Smashers were in the top four for most of the game.

Really? Oh wow, that's awesome!

What are looking forward to most about being part of the Big Brother family? 

I'm really looking forward to being active on Twitter now that I can tweet my thoughts and people might actually care! And I'm excited to have Scott and Jason who are obsessed with the show like me, and we can all just analyze everything.

If you were on an All Stars season, which former players would you want to play with?

Please, CBS! Please put me on! That's a tough one. Dan is obviously my all-time favorite. He's just amazing. Nicole deserves it now. How do you even pick? Evel Dick would be amazing! He would terrify me, but he would be one of my picks [and] Rachel. Definitely not James [Huling]! (Laughs.

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