'Big Brother OTT': First Evictee on His Voting Plans, Gameplay "Pressure" and "Connection" With Alex

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Big Brother: Over The Top had its first live eviction on Wednesday night.

And who had the biggest hand in sending the first houseguest out the door? That would be this season's biggest twist, America. While Monte was technically the head of household this week, it was really the live feeders calling all of the shots. America nominated Cornbread for eviction and the majority of the house and viewers decided to send the Georgia native packing.

So how does the first evictee feel about America sealing his fate? The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Cornbread to find out what went wrong. 

Are you feeling better now that you've been out of the house for a little bit?

Oh yeah! All that was short-lived. I took about a 15-second piss-off session and went on out and came full circle. I'm ready to get back on with my life! The resurrection of Cornbread has happened up in the hotel room and I'm ready to go home and live!

When you left, you didn't hug anyone and said "F— y'all" to the houseguests. Was there anything else you wanted to say to them?

I wish I would've been a little more cordial, but at the same time, I pretty much got the shock of my life. I'm not going to come at you with hugs and kisses when you screw me!

When the show is all over, will anyone be getting Cornbread hugs and kisses?

There's a few people that I got respect for and there's a few people that kind of went with the flow and voted against me based out of fear. I don't take anything personal for what happened. I kind of fell in their lap and they had to use strategy [to] take out the stronger of the three that were sitting up there. 

Who do you see yourself being friends with and who will you not be friends with?

Definitely I see Monte because Monte couldn't vote, Alex and Kryssie because she was up there with me and supportive. And pretty much the rest of them can go f— themselves.

Your nickname is Cornbread. What nickname would you give to three of your fellow houseguests

I'd say chicken shit! I would give Alex, "Brave Heart." (Laughs.) Let me think about it. I don't want to come off as bitter. A lot of the shit I'm talking to you is just me getting it off my chest. Shane, I would consider him "Two-Faced," and I would consider Scott as "The Nutty Professor."

Do you think being the oldest person in the house had anything to do with you being evicted first?

It was a part of it because of the fact that I didn't ever feel like a colleague or a peer. I felt like a chaperone. It's hard to fit in with a bunch of youngsters. I don't look down at them. I didn't talk down to them or anything, but I had a lot of ground to cover when I walked in the door. They were talking about comic books and that just ain't things I get into. I'm into the real world things like how to feed my family.

Have you given it more thought as to why America nominated you and voted to evict you?

I've come at peace with that. It's basically push-button gangsters. And I had no clue that Jason was voted in by the people. I thought that he went through the casting process just like all of us. America voted him in and I think when I made a bold move, America called me on it. And touché, they got me!

Is there any bad blood between you and Jason?

When Jason first walked into that house, he did what probably he doesn't like people doing in real life and that's passing judgment on someone by their lifestyle or their appearance. Me and him went around and around about things and he pretty much told me after we got to talking that he felt a little more at peace with me, that I'm a good guy, that I don't look at him for his lifestyle or things that he likes or don't like. He actually gained a little respect for me. When I gave him the bug, I didn't give it to him based on anything other than the fact that he was a beast in the game. I just went along with the alliance and I guess I was the casualty of that. I was a casualty of the game!

Did you know who he was before he entered the house?

I had no clue! 

Was there anything you said in the house that America or your houseguests may not be a fan of? 

If I said anything out of line or anything like that, it definitely wasn't my intention. Nobody understands when you're sitting there with a microphone on you 24/7, you're not always going to say and do enough to make everybody happy. When you're in that house, the only thing you have to do is talk and you start running out of things to talk about. If could imagine if I said the word purple, somebody would get pissed off about it. I'm not going to sit here and cry about it. 

Was Big Brother the right show for you? Are you looking to do more reality television?

Big Brother is really not the game for me based on the fact that the way it is being the live feeds and everything; there's no editing. It shows all the funks and blemishes and people can hold things against you that you don't mean. I think it's more easy to tick people off when you don't have any stopping point. It's a lot of pressure. 

Were you on an episode of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and how did that come to be?

I did the Redneck Olympics and the person that put the Redneck Olympics on invited Honey Boo Boo to it and she ended up bringing the whole show here. I was actually the winner that time so I got to meet her and talk on the show. 

Who are you hoping gets evicted next and who do you think will get evicted?

I'm hoping Shelby gets evicted next. She came at me a bunch. She's real bipolar. But I think they'll keep her because she's the weakest person in the house. 

Now that you're evicted, you are joining America as a viewer and will have the ability to vote. Will you watch the rest of the season and vote?

I'll keep on watching. I'll end up watching it to the end to see where it goes.

Will you be voting?

You're damn right!

Which three houseguests will you make a have-not?

Shane, let's see... what's his name? What's the guy from Louisiana? What's his name? Shoot. The guy from New Orleans!


I would make Shane, Justin and Shelby.

Who will you vote for to be nominated this week?


Who will you vote for to win the game?

I'm going to vote for Alex! Me and her made a connection in there. Now that I see it was her little way of giving me a signal that she had my back all the way to the very end. That goes a long way. 

Did she vote to keep you because of your connection or was she trying to frame America and make Danielle paranoid?

Yeah, she did that because she knew she could do that without getting expected. She did so when I go home to watch the show, she wanted to let me know that she had my back. 

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