'Big Brother OTT': The Final Five is Revealed

BIG BROTHER: OVER THE TOP - Danielle Lickey  Eviction - Publicity - H 2016
Lisette M. Azar/CBS

In just 15 days, the first-ever winner of Big Brother: Over the Top will be crowned.

There will be a final three on finale night, Dec. 1, and it won't be the normal Big Brother jury crowning the winner this season. Because America has been given power to play the game this season, why not give them the pen to sign the $250,000 check for the winner?  

But first, after Wednesday night's live eviction and before America can make that decision, there are still five players left to fight for the title. 

In case you missed a beat throughout the 24/7 series, THR breaks down the top moments shown on the show's weekly episode. 

HoH redoTwitter went wild this past week after fan favorite and season 17's Jason Roy was not crowned head of household. "This is so frustrating!" Shelby says after her mirror in the laser competition wouldn't stay still for her to complete the puzzle. "My mirror is broken!" she added. And apparently it was. "You experienced a technical difficulty when your mirror broke," Danielle reads a letter from production to the house. "At least I'm not out of the running," a hopeful says about his rematch against Shelby. "My ass is on the line!" Shelby says in the diary room ahead of the competition. So who prevailed in the Jelby face off? It looks like Shelby smoked the competition once again after she beat Jason by more than five minutes. So calm down, Twitter, the law school graduate has proven to be a master of puzzles this season and won fair and square. 

"This is not a loyalty game." "I just want to show Justin that I'm loyal to him," outgoing head of household Danielle says about saving Justin over Whitney during the double eviction. "I would love to have the Jamboree as a unit in the final five together," says Kryssie. But the wise BB veteran Jason knows that Big Brother and loyalty don't usually work well together, "One of us is in trouble," he says after Shelby wins HoH. "It's every man or woman for themselves." Adding, "We know this is not a loyalty game," after throwing Justin's name under the bus in an attempt to make a deal with Shelby and Morgan. But Shelby's not having it after Jason's fake final deal with her last week. Who is the current HoH willing to work with? Justin and Kryssie. "I'm willing to play ball," Kryssie says about agreeing to get Danielle out. And then the "Jambalaya Gang," consisting of Justin, Kryssie, Shelby and Morgan, is formed. "F--- my life" says Kryssie about one of the worst alliance names ever on Big Brother. "He's preaching loyalty to us, but he's not going to be loyal to anyone," Jason says to annoyed Danielle, who claims she has seen Justin's "true colors." Adding, "He's a traitor. He called Shelby a bitch, now he's kissing her ass," after she and Jason were nominated instead of Kryssie and Justin. And the feeling is mutual as Justin is no longer digging Danielle. "I've seen enough fake shit to know the difference between shit and glitter. I'm over it!" 

So close, yet so far. She was nominated week one, nominated with her showmance, the first America's nominee to not be evicted, a constant target in the house, a competition threat, went from being hated to loved by America (according to her fans on Twitter), made it to the final six, but Danielle's time in the Big Brother house came to an end on Wednesday. Cue the tears. "I don't want to let my family down. I wanted to play this game since I was 10 years old. I feel like I accomplished a lot here. Maybe my job is done and maybe it's my time to bow out gracefully." And she does. Leaving the house with class, the single mom doesn't throw best friend Jason under the bus, complimented her rival Shelby and avoided having a dramatic meltdown before walking out the door. 

Were you happy to see Danielle leave the house? Were you proud of the way she went out? Who currently has your vote to win the game? Take THR's poll here. Shelby currently leads. Chat about your pick in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother