'Big Brother OTT': The First Meltdown, the First Showmance and the First Eviction Are Revealed

THR breaks down the top moments from the first live eviction of the fall.

Big Brother is writing a 24/7 love letter to superfans of the series. And what's the title of that love letter? Well, it's Big Brother: Over The Top.

With the series' new edition, fans have been able to witness the show like never before. On the live feeds there have been a slew of never-before-seen firsts including the first-ever live diary rooms that aired on Tuesday night, the first-ever look inside the show's famous swimsuit photoshoot, the first-ever safety ceremonies and so much more. So far, so good for the all-online Big Brother. So who is the first player written out of this love letter? Keep reading to find out. 

In case you missed a beat over the show's 24/7 series, THR breaks down the top moments shown on the show's weekly episode. 

The first twist. "Having her here means I have to constantly work around her," says Alex about entering the game with her sister Morgan. "I don't want to be known as the sisters." Sorry Alex, that's what America will be calling you all season long. But will they remain secret sisters or will the other houseguests catch on? "Oh you guys already have cute nicknames!" Shelby says after Alex calls Morgan, "Mo" on night one. "You just blew it. I could smack your right now," Morgan says in the diary room about the slip up. And because of this season's second twist, they may be in trouble. "I'm back, bitch" Jason says in the diary room after beating Jozea for America's vote. And he's already at work discovering the secret sisters, sort of. "Are Morgan and Alex the same person?" he says after looking at the memory wall more closely. "I am having Liz and Julia flashbacks!" he tells fans in the diary room. "There's two girls that look exactly alike," he says to Danielle and Justin. "I feel like they have the same face and the same hair." "They kind of do," adds Justin. Looks like he hasn't learned from his first time around though. On season 17 after Da'Vonne discovered that Liz was switching in and out of the house with her twin sister, Jason was the first to tell everyone instead of using it to his advantage. If he does fully discover this season's secret sisters he better keep it a, well, secret. 

The first alliance. "We kind of got the perfect storm going," Cornbread says. "We're not officially starting anything," Monte says, pumping the breaks before signing on the dotted line to make an alliance with Shane, Scott and Cornbread official. And they're not the only foursome in the house. There's also the Plastics, as the house calls them: Shelby, Whitney, Morgan and Alex have the makings of an all girls alliance. Which alliance will prevail? We'll soon find out. 

The first competition. "This guy's kind of rude on the intercom," Whitney says about the Big Brother voice starting the first competition of the summer. "I'm super scared," Neeley admits after Shane is told to go to the diary room after drinking the mysterious blue potion. "I get your crabs!" Danielle tells Shane after being the second houseguest infected and out of the running for head of household. "I am nervous. Monte is HoH and I know I will be an easy target," Jason says in the diary room. But his head of household is a bit different for BBOTT. "No way, Jozea!" Jason says about not wanting to be the first evictee of the season. 

The first showmance. "He is my ideal white boy," Danielle says about Shane after knowing him for less than three days. "I love talking to him. We gravitated toward each other. I can't even handle how cute he is." And the feeling is mutual. Shane is having the "best couple of days" in the house with his new honey. Will this showmance last or will they be targeted? If the live diary room sessions were any indication they may be nominated next.  

The first meltdown. "I'm not here because I'm diabolical. I'm here because I'm funny!" Kryssie says through some mascara tears about not being cut out for the game. "She's falling to pieces, dude!" Cornbread tells Monte. "She's unstable, emotionally up in the air," Monte says in the diary room about contemplating whether or not to put up Kryssie. And after Jason wins the veto and Kryssie gets put on the block her meltdown turns to rage, "It's not over until it's over. If I get evicted first, I'm going out guns blazing."

The first eviction. "You basically get to find out if you're the most hated person in America. Please like me America! Please!" begs Shelby. Lucky for the lawyer, she's a fan favorite, and America's nominee is Cornbread. So will Cornbread be tossed back in the oven and out of the Big Brother house? The answer is, yes as he is the first evicted houseguest from BBOTT

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