'Big Brother OTT': Second Evictee Responds to Accusations of Racism

THR talks to this season's second evicted houseguest.
Lisette M. Azar/CBS

Season 15 of Big Brother will forever be known as "the racist season" or the "plague" as some former houseguests call it. The houseguests that season who made what many viewed to be racist, homophobic and crude comments left the house to find out they lost their jobs and were hated by the public.

That problem arose once again on Big Brother: Over the Top, when one houseguest, Monte Massongill, made a comment that was perceived as racist by the other contestants. It appears viewers may have agreed with these allegations because it was Monte who got the boot on Wednesday. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Monte to get his take on the accusations against him, his decision to target Jason and more.

It's not the best feeling to get evicted from Big Brother. What has it been like for you after getting voted out?

I'm feeling all right, man. That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Thousands of people wanted to be where I was and I'm honored and blessed to have that chance. I can't thank everybody that got me here enough. But the initial reaction, I had some heat on me and I saw the writing on the wall. I knew I still had a chance, but I knew the odds were against me. And I almost stayed in! Five to four is close, man. I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't get farther, but like I said I played a little too strong at first. When you play like that, it either works or you're out early. 

With America voting this season, obviously Jason was voted back in the game and has a fan base. Do you think it was a mistake to target him?

Yeah, absolutely. And I had no idea that the fans voted him back in the game. If I had known that, I definitely would have weaponized him and not targeted him. And just because I think he's a really cool guy. He's funny, I enjoyed him. But the logic behind that was it was a strategic move because the first week of HoH, I'm not close with anybody. If you look on paper, you say, "Well, what's the best move for the house?" Because there's only one veteran and he's got experience on all of us and a huge fan base behind him which will be giving him a lot of votes. I was hoping as a house we could get him out and even the playing field for the rest of us. It was a very bold move, but at the same time in made sense. [But] I should have left him alone for a while. 

America nominated you and voted to evict you. Why weren't they a fan of yours?

Just the sole reason of going after Jason. Going after Jason that first week probably put a bad taste in their mouth. And maybe I played too hard. My game plan was to be quiet and in the shadows, but when you win HoH I didn't want to be up there wishy washy because I didn't want to create too many enemies that first week which is, ironically, exactly what happened. 

You were accused of being a racist in the house. Can you clarify what you meant when you said Justin steals his clothes?

That was strictly based on the mantra he gave off. In my head, he's hanging out with his buddy and he's just trying to find some crazy pants and his friend lent them to him and then he never gave them back. Therefore [they're] kind of like stolen. It wasn't straight from the store or anything like that. It's a phrase. If I let my friend borrow my shirt and then he doesn't give it back I'm like, "Man, you stole that from me!" Straight up. People read into that too much. And I approached that accusation the same way. Praise and blame is all the same, but if people watch the show, they'll realize I told Danielle she was beautiful two days before that. Me and Neeley were very close. I worked out with her all the time and really liked her as a person. If anybody accuses me of that, go back and look how I treated them two, especially Neeley. 

Was that the first time you were ever accused of being racist?

Yeah, probably so. That shocks me, too. I felt horrible! That's not who I am, man! That really took a toll on me. That's a terrible label and that's the most ignorant, backwoods way to think. I'm more educated and advanced than that.  

You didn't know too much about the game before you entered the house, but you talked as if you played before. Where did that confidence that you knew how the game worked come from?

I just went with it! I was probably one of the least experienced people in that house. Justin's the only one who has less [experience] than I did. So I just went in there, eyes wide open, trying to figure out what I needed to do. Maybe I should have prepared myself better to know what to expect because I was definitely overwhelmed. I tried to make some big aggressive moves and it backfired on me. I'm naturally a leader and once I was named HoH, I was like, "Well, instead of loafing around, I got to make some big moves and let people know in the house that they can work with me and I am strong." I was trying to have a lot of people believe in me.

In your alliance with the girls, who would you say was the leader of the alliance?

It was definitely me. 

They joked around when you left the room that you thought you were running them, but they said they were running you. 

I could see that. That doesn't surprise me at all. (Laughs.)

Before you went into the house, you said you were open to a showmance. Why didn't one work out for you?

It may have eventually. But I think it was a little early. I didn't want to jump into one real quick. Obviously me and Morgan had some good connections going on and that may have developed into something in the coming weeks.

She has a boyfriend!

Yeah, I know, that's the main reason. I think she could have been lying about that. It was going to be strictly something where there was no boyfriend involved. So that put her off the table. And I don't think it's very smart strategically to get into a showmance. It's better to have people you can trust on a personal level rather than worry about anything physical.

Julie let you know that Alex and Morgan are sisters.

Oh my goodness! (Laughs.)

Do you think the house will figure it out?

I don't think so! I heard Justin and Jason were close to it, they almost had it, but no. They are playing that perfectly. It makes sense though. [They're] both blonde, both from Texas, one's a cheerleader [and] one's kind of a book worm. You think about it going back and you're like, "Wow, they're exactly how siblings are." And they're doing a good job of not being close to each other.

They weren't your first guess. Why did you think Danielle and Neeley were sisters?

My mind was blank, man! I wasn't thinking. I was like, "Oh, that was probably a bad guess." I had no idea because I thought they were around the same age. That's the only thing I could think of. I knew Shelby wasn't a sister with anyone and I knew Whitney wasn't. 

Now that you're out of the house, you get to vote with America. Which three houseguests will you make have-nots?

Danielle! (Laughs.) I'll go ahead with Shane, let the showmance stay together. And then I think Justin would be funny because he loves to eat. Whitney would be hilarious because that little girl loves to eat!

Who are you going to nominate for eviction?

I'm just going to have to see how this week plays out. But for the people that I want to win they need to get Shane and Danielle out. One of them needs to go, preferably Danielle because I like Shane. 

Right now, who has your vote to win the game? 

Honestly, Neeley because she shot me straight. She was always real nice to me and gave me the benefit of the doubt when she didn't have to. She was really genuine and nice. If I had to choose between everyone in the house right now, I would vote Neeley. 

Who do you think will actually win the game?

I could see Jason or Shane or Danielle. That showmance may carry them a long way and both of them are really strong players. And then maybe Whitney because I don't feel like she's going to be targeted by anybody in any way. Whitney may win it. 

Will the showmance make it far or does Whitney have a better shot at winning? Did you want to see a Morgan and Monte showmance? Who are you voting for to be have-nots this week? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother.