'Big Brother OTT': Fourth Evictee Talks Being Nominated (and Eliminated) by America

BIG BROTHER: OVER THE TOP- Julie Chen and Neeley Jackson -Publicity- H 2016
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Big Brother: Over The Top has proven to have a cast of game players who want to actually play the game.

And part of playing the game means not voting unanimously with the house. It's a refreshing cast, especially after the last few seasons of the show where the house constantly voted with each other. On BBOTT, it's clear that some players would rather take a gamble than just play it safe. And that's what Big Brother is all about.

Unfortunately for this season's fourth evicted houseguest, the Ball Smashers and America voted to send her packing. THR got on the phone with Neeley to find out what happened, who she will be voting for to win the game and whether or not she thinks she was at the bottom of the totem pole in the Late Night Jamboree.  

I tweeted a few weeks ago that I was hoping for either Shelby, Whitney, Morgan, Jason or you to win the game.

Aw that's sweet, thank you! 

How are you feeling since your eviction? 

Honestly, I feel really, really good. Of course it sucks to be evicted. No one wants to be in this position, but I feel like I played the best game that I could play especially with the information that I had at the time, (laughs)! I had a really good social game and unfortunately America was ready to see me go and that's what did me in this week. But I'm very proud with how I played. 

Kryssie didn't finish the Power of Veto competition even though you, her best friend was in jeopardy of going home. Were you upset she quit?

I was not upset she quit only because I could tell how much it affected her. It hurt her bad! She was all cut up, her hands were really jacked up. And emotionally she is really upset with herself and the performance. I would be more upset with Justin then I would be with Kryssie because Kryssie really tried. When she couldn't complete it, it messed with her. 

She claimed she was bleeding and on Twitter a lot of fans joked about her dramatizing the situation. Did you find her to be overly dramatic and complain a lot in the house?

She does, yes! (Laughs)! I have to be honest. She's having a tough time emotionally. When she came into the house she let us know she has social anxieties. This is going on a month now that we've been locked in that house so this is tough. When you are used to being with your boyfriend and having that support system [then] to being in a house with strangers that are secretly plotting your demise every single day, that's emotionally taxing. It's starting to weigh on her. And she really wants to make sure she's presented in the best light possible or a light that she's in charge of and unfortunately when you're in this situation you're not always in charge of how you're presented. 

You said a lot to Scott in your eviction speech. Was there anything you wish you said to anyone else? Now is your chance.

I really wish I would have told the houseguests and I was thinking about this even before Julie [Chen] told me Alex and Morgan are sisters, I wish I would've told the people on my side of the house, "Don't trust any of those girls. Those girls are a lot smarter than you think." Even though they all work together like a human centipede, because they do! You know they do! They [are] a lot smarter than you think and not to trust any of them. Morgan is probably the only person I would've called out. Alex, I pretty much knew was lying to me, but I really wanted to trust Morgan. I felt like she and I had a connection and if I stayed in the house I would have wanted to work with her. She was the only person on the other side of the house that I wanted to work with. I would have called her out. I'm going to be honest when I first left, I was pissed at her! I thought she and I had a friendship! But now that I know Alex is her sister, she had to do that. You have to keep Scott over me because the whole side of the house is gunning for Alex now. Alex is public enemy number one! So she had to get me out over Scott because Scott will hopefully be a target that will deflect from Alex.  

You mentioned a few times in the house that you were fascinated by how awkward Alex is. What did you mean by that?

(Laughs)! She's socially awkward! Morgan is obviously the more social of the two. Morgan is a better liar and more comfortable pretending not to be her sister and Alex is afraid she's going to get caught up with her lies so she just shuts down. If you try to have a conversation with her she's really awkward. She doesn't give you a lot of details about her life, she never talks about herself and I think that's just a game move on her part so she doesn't give anything away.

You were shocked when Julie told you Morgan and Alex are sisters. Do you think anyone will catch on?

If they keep playing the way they're playing, probably not. I know people say they look alike, but they really don't look alike to me! And Morgan is really a good social player. And Alex is obviously brilliant and they're both really good physical competitors so as long as Alex is awkward, (laughs) no one will figure it out! 

If you stayed in the house would you have left the Late Night Jamboree and aligned more with Morgan?

Most definitely! Danielle was working my nerves anyway! And I was starting to feel like I couldn't trust Justin. If anything were to happen with Jason or Kryssie, I definitely would have started working with Morgan. 

When Shane got evicted it was super emotional. Everyone was crying. But this week, there weren't any tears. Do you feel like you were at the bottom of the totem pole in your alliance?

I was probably at the bottom of the totem pole because they didn't realize how good I was playing the game. But also it was emotional when Shane left because we didn't know which one of them was going home. We were hoping Danielle, but it ended up being Shane. 

Who will you not be friends with when the game is over?

Feelings change. I don't hate anyone. Scott was being real messy and manipulative.

It's Big Brother!

Yeah, I know, but don't try to throw me under the bus when I ain't done nothing to you. I wasn't feeling that. 

Why do you think America nominated and voted to evict you?

Without knowing what people are seeing and all of the different sides the only thing I can guess is that either they wanted to even the numbers with the sides of the house or maybe like you said they felt like I was at the bottom of the totem pole in my alliance, I don't know! I really don't know. Monte was a very polarizing character. I felt like people felt strongly about him, but on the flip side Scott maybe represents a certain segment of the people who love and watch Big Brother. So maybe the empathize with him because he is an awkward, nerdy character. 

Da'Vonne Rogers is patiently waiting for you to get on Twitter to let you know America does not hate you. 

I appreciate that, girl! Whenever you talk to her tell her she's definitely someone that I admire. She's a strong competitor. A lot of times people in this game float under the radar and don't say what they really mean and think and I think that's bullshit so I like that she's always been a big personality, bold and vocal! That's why I like Jason so much too. If you come and play this game, play the game! Be who you are. Do your thang

Now you get to vote with America. Which three houseguests will you make a have-not?

Definitely Shelby, she needs to sit down somewhere!

What's your problem with Shelby?

She is super annoying! She'll say some stuff when ain't nobody even talking to her or addressing her. It's like, girl nobody even talking to you! And nobody even care about you right now! Don't come for people if nobody is coming for you! If I'm at the bottom of the totem pole in my alliance, she's at the under-bridge bottom of the totem pole in her alliance! They'll throw her under the bus and then drive the bus that hits her! (Laughs)! She's not playing the game smart. 

Do you think she's smart?

Not really! (Laughs)! I'm sorry! Is that horrible? But, no. 

One thing you don't know is she's not a waitress. She actually just finished law school.

Are you serious? That's crazy! But that explains why her mouth is so reckless! Her mouth is mad reckless!

Which other two houseguests will you make a have-not?

Justin! He needs to live that life! I'm over him. Do you see how much he eats and cooks? He eats like eight times a day. You know we call this BB budget [and I'm sure half of the food budget is pretty much Justin. It would be Justin, Shelby and Kryssie. She's never experienced it. Well, no I want her to be strong. So maybe Morgan again. 

Who will you nominate for eviction?

Knowing what I know now Morgan and Alex!

Right now who has your vote to win the game and who do you think will win?

I would love to see Jason win! Jason or Kryssie. I don't think Kryssie emotionally could take it all the way. 

If someone from your alliance is not in the final three who from the other side of the house do you want to win?

That's tough. Damn! I'm going to be honest. The fact that Morgan and Alex are sisters . . . you got a built in sidekick, I don't like those odds so I don't want them to win. I'd rather someone who is playing it by themselves and doesn't have help or a twist helping them out. So either a Whitney and even Scott! Even though Scott and I had our differences, Scott has never been away from home, he don't have no girlfriend, (laughs)! You know what I'm saying? He ain't got nothing going on back in Maine so he might need a few coins so he can finally get him a date and get laid up somewhere! 

Were you sad to see Neeley go? Would you want to watch her on another season? Who do you think will win the game? Chat about it in the comments below and stay tuned to The Live Feed for all things Big Brother